Spells and Potions of Quendor


Spells in boldface are known to be too powerful to gnusto.

The Zork Grand Website held a Spell-ing Contest to come up with your own Zorky spells. My entry, popeil (scramble an egg while it's still inside its shell), won third prize.

Name Description Category Cubes of Influence Source
aimfiz transport caster to someone else's location

* A book in ZGI refers to a teleportation spell called aimfix, probably a typo for this spell.

* See zifmia.

Sorcerer (moldy scroll)
bayala deform body

Particularly reprehensible are reports of Sorcerers casting body-deforming spells like BAYALA or MUSDEX on an unwilling partner to satisfy a personal preference.

Spells and the Single Sorcerer, Wilbar Memboob

If you continue to lose after he [or she] re-turns [sic], the authors suggest a mild Bayala spell of bodily deformation, to remove the opponents [sic] hands in the altogether [sic], so that though he or she might object somewhat strenuously to your cheating, ultimately, his [or her] hands will be tied. Or simply grafted to his [or her] head.

How to Win at Double Fanucci

* See musdex.

Sorcerer magazine,
ZGI (Fanucci book)
beburtt create the illusion of inclement weather High ZGI
bittyjoo make lies undetectable (and vaporize chocolate) Zork Nemesis journal
blorb safely protect a small object as though in a strong box Enchanter
blorple explore an object's mystic connections Spellbreaker,
Frobozz Magic Support (unofficial)
boor***uil cause teeth to fall out? Zork Nemesis journal
booznik reverse spells in spellbook

* RtZ:AS erroneously puts this spell in a spellbook.

Deep ZGI,
RtZ:AS (unofficial)
borch put insects to sleep

* Obsolete. See espnis.

Zork III report
caskly cause perfection Change, Connectivity Spellbreaker (stained scroll),
Balances (unofficial)
cleesh change a creature into a small amphibian Enchanter (damp scroll),
RtZ:AS (unofficial)
conbak build strong bodies 12 different ways Sorcerer magazine
dabhhu ensure complete obedience (for one hour) Zork Nemesis journal
dratsay willfully avoid sending spirit through time

* Boozniked yastard. I would have expected it to send a spirit back to its own time.

Middle ZGI
drilbo strip a floor of yellowed wax

* See egdelp.

Zork III report
eliwran deactivate time tunnels

* Boozniked narwile.

Middle ZGI
espnis sleep Mind, Death Spellbreaker (dusty scroll),
SpiritWrak (folded scroll)
exex make things move with greater speed Enchanter (stained scroll)
faift change appearance to look younger Sorcerer magazine
filfre create gratuitous fireworks

Balances errs in making this gnustoable.

Enchanter (purple scroll),
Balances (unofficial) (worthless scroll)
fizmo cause stopped-up pipes to unclog Enchanter history
foblub glue audience to seats Sorcerer magazine, SpiritWrak (dusty scroll)
fripple erect a magic barrier around a town?
keep out wild beasts?

Just yesterday, one of my men was attacked and badly wounded by a troop of rat-ants. They'd slipped the bounds set down by a 'fripple' spell somehow.

frolg tie knots

* Boozniked glorf.

Deep ZGI
frotz cause something to give off light Change, Light Enchanter trilogy,
Balances (unofficial),
SpiritWrak (unofficial)
fweep turn caster into a bat Sorcerer (soiled scroll)
gaspar provide for your own resurrection Sorcerer (shiny scroll),
Frobozz Magic Support (unofficial)
gilch astral travel Spellbreaker InvisiClues
girgol stop time Spellbreaker (flimsy scroll)
ghel-ooh suspend subject in a gelatinous substance Zork Nemesis journal
givans make a conscious effort to stay out of other bodies

* Boozniked snavig. I would have expected it to return a magically transformed creature to its original shape.

Frobozz Magic Support (unofficial)
gizgum predict visits from relatives Zork III report
glorf untie knots

* In Enchanter (unlike ZGI), rezrov works on nonmagical knots, obviating the need for this spell.

Deep ZGI
gloth fold dough 83 times

Do you know how difficult it is to make those yummy butter pastries by hand? When a simple 'gloth' spell would fold the dough 83 times it was possible to make a profit, but now 'gloth' hardly works, and when it does, it usually folds the dough too often and the butter melts, or it doesn't come out the right size, or ...

SpiritWrak (unofficial) (flour-coated scroll)
gnusto write a magic spell into a spell book Change, Earth Enchanter trilogy
golgatem create a bridge over a body of water High ZGI
golmac travel temporally Sorcerer (shimmering scroll),
Frobozz Magic Support (unofficial)
gondar extinguish fire

* See radnog.

Enchanter (frayed scroll)
gorch create ladder? ZorkQuest #2
grigpo Sorcerer magazine
guncho banish victim to another plane of existence Enchanter (powerful scroll),
ZGI (Fanucci book)
imali worsen eyesight Sorcerer magazine
igram turn purple things invisible Deep ZGI,
RtZ:AS (unofficial)
izyuk fly like a bird Enchanter (ornate scroll)
jindak detect magic Light, Connectivity Spellbreaker
kcorht cause vegetation to wilt

* Boozniked throck. Perhaps that unpronouncable name is why there's another wilting spell called meef.

Deep ZGI,
RtZ:AS (unofficial)
kepmkomn cause massive destruction to specified edifices Zork Nemesis journal
kendall simplify instructions Middle ZGI,
RtZ:AS (unofficial)
koaasst play soothing ambient music Zork Nemesis journal
krak slow time drastically Zork Nemesis journal
krebf repair willful damage Enchanter (lightly crumpled scroll)
kulcad dispel a magic spell Enchanter (brittle scroll)
lesoch gust of wind Air, Fire Spellbreaker
lexdom create lock and key Middle ZGI
lidibo make a creature think you're really, really ugly High ZGI
liskon shrink a living thing Change, Earth Spellbreaker (damp scroll)
lladnek make instructions more complicated Middle ZGI,
RtZ:AS (unofficial)
lobal sharpen hearing Sorcerer magazine,
Balances (unofficial) (torn scroll)
loktar cause temporal distension Zork Nemesis journal
malyon animate Fire, Life Sorcerer (glittering scroll),
Frobozz Magic Support (unofficial)
margi turn invisible things purple

* Boozniked igram.

Deep ZGI,
RtZ:AS (unofficial)
maxov bind the energies of different magics

* Boozniked voxam.

High ZGI
meef cause plants to wilt Sorcerer (dusty scroll)
melbor protect magic users from harm by evil beings Enchanter (vellum scroll)
metaglog destroy a bridge over a body of water

* Boozniked golgatem.

High ZGI
musdex deform body (improve muscle tone?)

Particularly reprehensible are reports of Sorcerers casting body-deforming spells like BAYALA or MUSDEX on an unwilling partner to satisfy a personal preference.

Spells and the Single Sorcerer, Wilbar Memboob

* See bayala.

Sorcerer magazine
narwile activate time tunnels Middle ZGI
nerzo balance checkbook Enchanter history
nikmo cause urge to initiate a temporary relationship Zork Nemesis journal
nitfol converse with beasts in their own tongue Enchanter
obidil make caster more attractive to other creatures High ZGI
onkik Sorcerer magazine
otsung erase spell written in book with gnusto Sorcerer magazine
ozmoo survive unnatural death Enchanter (black scroll)
pax-ten slow productivity through confusion Zork Nemesis journal
pulver dry liquids Sorcerer
quelbo transmute coconuts into gold Zork III report
rezrov open even locked or enchanted objects

* Though Spellbreaker considers rezrov to be magic of Change, ZGI does not classify it as Deep magic.

Middle Change, Earth Enchanter trilogy (scribbled scroll),
Balances (unofficial)
snavig shape change Deep Change, Dark Spellbreaker,
stegaw turn eggs into ripe guano Sorcerer magazine
swanzo exorcise an inhabiting presence Sorcerer (parchment scroll)
throck grow plant

* Probably should have been called feem.

Deep Life, Water Spellbreaker (dirty scroll),
SpiritWrak (muddy scroll),
RtZ:AS (unofficial)
tinsot freeze Water, Fire Spellbreaker (white scroll)
tossio turn granite to fettuccini Beyond Zork,
SpiritWrak (gray scroll)
ttrubeb create the illusion of pleasant weather

* Boozniked beburtt.

High ZGI
umboz obviate need for dusting Enchanter history
vardik shield a mind from an evil spirit Sorcerer (smelly scroll)
vaxum make a hostile creature your friend Enchanter (gold leaf scroll)
vezza view the future Sorcerer
vorzer seal open doors shut

* Boozniked rezrov.

Middle ZGI
voxam separate the energies of different magics High ZGI
yastard send spirit through time Middle ZGI
yimfil Sorcerer magazine
yomin mind probe Mind, Light Sorcerer,
ZGI (Fanucci book),
Balances (unofficial)
yonk augment the power of certain spells Sorcerer (ordinary scroll)
yozozzo turn person into mallard, or vice versa Return to Zork
zemdor turn original into triplicate Enchanter history,
Zork Nemesis,
ZGI chronologue,
SpiritWrak (unofficial) (sugar-coated scroll),
Perilous Magic (unofficial)
zifmia magically summon a being

* See aimfiz.

Enchanter (shredded/faded scroll)
zimbor turn one really big city into lots of tiny, little ashes Enchanter history,
ZGI chronologue,
Perilous Magic (unofficial)

triple quantity of intoxicating beverages

* Usage regulated by Frobozz Magic Alcoholic Beverage Company.

Deep ZGI
zooka turn eggs into overripe cabbage Sorcerer magazine,
Zork Nemesis (encryption book)
zugthug automatically correct speling errors Zork Nemesis journal
[random] scroll of Fireworks

* See filfre.

Beyond Zork
scroll of Honing Beyond Zork
scroll of Mischief Beyond Zork
scroll of Protection Beyond Zork
scroll of Recall Beyond Zork
turn embarrassing photo invisible ZGI
badkeb turn rust to iron

* Boozniked bekdab.

* RtZ:AS spells it badkceb, but I will ignore what appears to be an unintended misspelling.

beeyok resist gravity

* See feeyuk. From the similarity to that spell and RtZ:AS's misspelling of bekdab, perhaps feeyuk was intended all along, but Stefano could not spell it.

bekdab turn iron to rust

* RtZ:AS misspells the name beckdab, but I will ignore that for the purposes of this list.

SpiritWrak (spotted scroll)
bozbar cause an animal to sprout wings

* A fake clue in the Enchanter InvisiClues say you can use this to eradicate lice infestation in ospreys, and notes it does not work reliably on Thursdays. This deliberate misinformation is not canon.

Enchanter sample transcript,
Balances (shiny scroll)
egdelp create waxy build-up on wood

* See drilbo. Perhaps oblird would have been a better name.

SpiritWrak (waxy scroll)
feeyuk allow creature to resist gravity SpiritWrak (glossy scroll)
fiznav make boat sea-worthy SpiritWrak (musty scroll)
hseelc change an amphibian into a greater creature

* Boozniked cleesh.

huncho send object to a higher plane SpiritWrak (white scroll)

A baby walks before it runs, and you learn izyuk before izwow.

Enchanter novel, p. 55
katpil dig Lost City of Zork p. 281
koyeeb increase gravity

* Boozniked beeyok. I suspect this was intended to be kuyeef.

ledak detect forgery SpiritWrak (crumpled scroll)
lleps reverse effect of memorized spell

* See booznik.

Frobozz Magic Support
louganis cause creature to repel water

Before I rushed up on deck to try to tackle that sea serpent I made damn sure to cast a water-repelling louganis spell on myself. I couldn't have drowned if I'd wanted to. Couldn't even sink.

Lost City of Zork p. 73
luncho send object to lower plane SpiritWrak (red scroll)
mortin cause immediate death of caster Balances
nonav navigation and boat-guiding aid Return to Zork encyclopedia
partay Beyond Zork sample transcript
plasto disguise

Plasto, Nasturtium informed him. I've only seen it once. It's a disguise enchantment. Lets you look like someone else.

Lost City of Zork p. 281
qwerty Frobozz Magic Support
radnog ignite a fire

* See gondar.

Lost City of Zork p. 68,
Enchanter novel p. 169
satchmoz spatial shift

No, I was writing down the elements of Nasty's spatial shift spell, he informed them, brightening. The slow time spell is beyond me, but the shift, that I've figured out. I need to finish a master copy for the library though, then one to go in my cloak. He put on a big smile suddenly. I'm going to call it Satchmoz! he said. My first discovery.

Sunrise made clucking noises. I thought you said it was Nasty's spell?

You, Satchmoz said, pointing a finger, can be a poop.

* Also known as trizbort.

Lost City of Zork p. 187
shazok call lightning from storm SpiritWrak (pale scroll)
swanko banish spirit SpiritWrak (dirty scroll)
taclor heal wounds SpiritWrak (pen-marked scroll)
tansey predict weather with fifty percent accuracy

Fidget stared at the page, then let go of the corners he held. They snapped once in the breeze and rolled inward. Then, raising his eyebrows ever so slightly, he said, Tansey strikes me as absolutely useless.

Me, too, agreed Anesi, crumpling the parchment into a ball and casting it into the chasm. But like all other scientists, enchanters make a lot of little discoveries on their way to the big ones.

Enchanter novel p. 125
trizbort spatial shift

That looked a lot like my trizbort spell back there, Nasturtium said to Satchmoz when she had her breath back.

Satchmoz was bent double with his hands on his knees, breathing hard. Still, he managed to twist his head up to look at her. Trizbort? he replied. That spell, Madam, is called Satchmoz.

Nasturtium glared suspiciously. Well, it looks like my trizbort.

Argue over the patent later, Caspar interrupted. We've got more important things to plan right now.

* Also known as satchmoz.

Lost City of Zork p. 246
urbzig turn a dangerous object into a harmless one Enchanter sample transcript,
Balances (crumpled scroll)
wigro turn undead SpiritWrak (fancy scroll)
yumzo destroy a mongoose?

* A fake clue in the Enchanter InvisiClues suggests using this to defeat the mongoose. This deliberate misinformation is not canon.

Enchanter InvisiClues
zikkle make invisible things appear?

* A fake clue in the Sorcerer InvisiClues suggests using this on invisible tenets and invisible carvings. This deliberate misinformation is not canon.

Sorcerer InvisiClues

Category refers to the three broad categories of magic in Zork Grand Inquisitor, said to have been originally described by Bizboz himself. They are:

magic of Creation
magic of Enlightenment (or Divination)
magic of Transmutation

Cubes of Influence indicates which of the known white cubes in Spellbreaker improve your chances of successfully casting a spell (besides the Magic Room cube, which ensures successful casting and boosts the power of all of them). That is, which cubes have the spell in their sphere of influence. See below.


The first potion invented was named berzio in honor of the inventor of spell books. At the time of Sorcerer, potions followed the same tradition of having spell-like names. However, at the end of the Age of Magic in Beyond Zork, shopkeepers sold them with more functional names like potion of Healing. Likely the nonspellcasting public, having no need to remember arcane words, would dispense with them and simply call a healing potion a healing potion.

Name Description Color Flavor Source
berzio obviate need for food or drink ochre tasteless

* In Robin Bailey's novels The Lost City of Zork and Enchanter, this potion tastes like your favorite food.

blort ability to see in dark places amber chives Sorcerer
flaxo exquisite torture indigo anchovies, prune juice, and garlic powder Sorcerer
fooble increase muscular coordination aqua lime jelly Sorcerer
ignatz Sorcerer magazine
knalb Sorcerer magazine
kwin Sorcerer magazine
onbit Sorcerer magazine
sirano speak in poetry Sorcerer magazine
vilstu obviate need for breathing orange pepper Sorcerer
waldoe Sorcerer magazine
talk to plants yellow-green Zork Zero
potion of Death
* random:
  • clear
  • gray
  • milky
  • cloudy
  • dark
Beyond Zork
potion of Enlightenment Beyond Zork
potion of Forgetfulness Beyond Zork
potion of Healing Beyond Zork
potion of Might Beyond Zork
govake heal minor wounds (not to be taken internally) reddish-orange Enchanter novel p. 68

Cubes of Foundation

The seventeen white cubes in Spellbreaker are the elemental building blocks of the universe. They have no formal names, but the InvisiClues refer to the thirteen you gather as Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Light, Dark, Life, Death, Change, Connectivity, Mind, Time, and Magic. (Could be worse, Final Fantasy has such elements as Poison and Gravity!) The domains of the other four cubes are anyone's guess. Wood? Metal? Electricity?

Property Totem Animal Blorple Destination
Earth moles Packed Earth
Water dolphins Water Room
Air eagles Air Room
Fire salamanders Fire Room
Dark grues Dark Room
Connectivity spiders String Room
Light fireflies Light Room
Death worms Boneyard
Life rabbits Soft Room
Mind owls No Place
Change butterflies Changing Room
Time turtles Sand Room
Magic unicorns Magic Room