Links to the Chronology of Quendor

In the spirit of reciprocity, these websites have linked to the Chronology of Quendor. For a general collection of Zork links, I maintain the Open Directory Project category on the Zork series.

The ink on some entries is fading as their links to the Chronology become stale. (If you linked to,, or back in the 1990s, please update your links to

The critics rave!

The best site about the background history of Zork

-- Saint of Ruckus, The Zork Experience

A must visit for die-hard fans of Zork

-- The Underdogs

Zork and Infocom

Infocom Games Playable Online

Play Infocom text adventures online via telnet!

The Infocom Documentation Project

Project to recreate Infocom text adventure documentation in Adobe Acrobat PDF form.

The Zork Library

Downloads of the text adventures in the series, as well as hints, pictures, music, fonts, and desktop themes. Previews of fan game in development, Zork: The Hidden Evil.


A clean, uncluttered Infocom fansite with information about the company and the Implementors and downloads of the original Zork trilogy.

The Zork Experience by Charles Saint Ruckus Hurrey

Features a brief history of the Zork series, a Zork Nemesis screensaver, and parody boxcover images. Note: Requires a browser that supports frames.

Cube of Foundation by Ominous Bells

This site has a couple Zork fanworks: an updated Encyclopedia Frobozzica; Sweet Yoruk, a Farscape fanfic in game transcript form set in the world of Zork; and works in progress on Zorkastrianism and Double Fanucci.

The Master Storytellers by Roger Long

Personal articles about his feelings about the decline of Infocom.

Club Zork at h2g2

Message board offering help at interactive fiction games.

Zork Grand Website by Tony Evans

Unofficial Zork Grand Inquisitor home page. Links are stale since it hasn't been updated since 1998, though.

Related Subjects

The Underdogs

A great abandonware site which has many abandoned text adventures, including many of Infocom's. Perhaps the last remaining source of the InfoComics. Their Infocom page gives the Chronology a glowing review.

Mr. Bill's Adventureland

Capsule reviews and walkthroughs of adventure games.

Astoria by Theodor Lauppert

List and reviews of PC games with ASCII, CGA, or EGA graphics, including the Zork series.

Retronomicon: Il Libro dei Nomi dei Computer

Italian manuscript on retrocomputing includes this site among its adventure gaming links.

Malinche Entertainment

Designers of the adventure games Greystone and Pentari: First Light.

Edgar Governo, Historian of Things That Never Were

Great compilation of links to fictional timelines on the Web.


David Welbourn's Site

A writer of silly SpeedIF games who links to this site.

Cygnata's Site

A student of paleontology whose site includes mini-reviews of the Zork series and links to some other good Zork sites.

Instant ColdFusion

A site about ColdFusion links to this and a couple other computer game sites, perhaps because my website was generated using ColdFusion once upon a time.