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10 January 2005

Over past weeks, made various changes to generated markup, such as semantic markup for navigation bar, and gave style sheets a makeover.

1 Suspendur 2004

Added text of The Legend of Wishbringer and The Flathead Calendar 883.

10 Augur 2004

Minor rewrites to references page.

Added citation URLs to some block quotations.

27 Jelly 2004

Thanks to Sven Siggelkow for a tip via PayPal.

8 Oracle 2004

Marked up more Roman numerals.

Converted hyphens to hyphen characters.

10 Estuary 2004

Added reciprocal link to Malinche Entertainment to links page.

26 Jam 2003

Set accesskey on navigation links at the top of each page. 1 for First, P for Previous, N for Next.

23 Jam 2003

Convert the image of the Agrippa letter from the defunct Zork Nemesis website to PNG format, correcting a transparency problem that made the background bleed through in the original.)

23 Jam 2003

Convert the Agrippa letter from the Zork Nemesis website to PNG format, correcting a transparency problem that made the background bleed through in the original.)

22 Jam 2003

Moved information about leap weeks to a separate section of the Calendar page, and added material about 1067 being one too.

Added a note about the Period of Moog.

Reformatted notes and apologia more consistently.

Minor rewording of notes about Nemesis's voice diary and Sophia's letter about Ellron's alliance, and minor rewrites to various apologia.

Mark Agrippa's letter to Duncanthrax from the Zork Nemesis website as noncanon.

Readd a spoiler I took out of the entry on the Great Eclipse. I had thought the spoiler unnecessary, but now think it is.

18 Jam 2003

Mark up the table of contents as unordered lists instead of definition lists.

Some style sheet tweaks to give headers a little more room to breathe.

Restructured revision history markup for easier screen scraping, so that I may automate the Latest Updates in the future.

17 Jam 2003

Mark up the links to other sites and list of revisions as styled headers and paragraphs instead of misusing definition lists.

Cleaned out dead links, updated stale links, and added a couple sites to the Links.

13 Jam 2003

Cleaned up the markup, adding underscores to IDs and wrapping some game titles I had missed in <cite>.

Twiddled the style sheet, restoring some of my older background color choices.

Segregate unofficial spells/potions/companies from the official ones.

Decided to mark data from sample transcripts as unofficial.

Adjust widths and add rules to make tables easier to read.

Added calendrical musings and lists of months of the year and days of the week to the calendar page.

Added to Zork Grand Inquisitor quibbles.

Added many unofficial spells from the novels and InvisiClues to the spell list, and a few additional unofficial sources.

Added spells and companies from Frobozz Magic Support and spells from Return to Zork: Another Story.

Mention Zork Nemesis and Zork Grand Inquisitor as a secondary source for some spells, companies, and holidays.

31 Mage 2003

Replaced the Web standards buttons in the footer with slimmer ones based on the ones at Antipixel.

8 Arch 2003

Excessive thanks to Randal Milholland for a generous tip via PayPal!

6 Mumberbur 2002

Excessive thanks to David Rothschild for a generous tip via PayPal!

29 Augur 2002

Thanks to Marc Reber, gentle reader #5 to tip with PayPal.

8 Augur 2002

Thanks to Adrian Loder for a generous donation!

21 Jam 2002

Take the Zork Grand Inquisitor chronologue's date of 952 for Enchanter as canon.

Reduce file size of some images by converting them from GIF to PNG format.

Marked up Roman numerals.

16 Jam 2002

I finally gave in and resorted to the hints to finish SpiritWrak.

  • Add the remaining SpiritWrak spells to the spell list.
  • Add a capsule review of the game to the References page.
  • 777 GUE: Leonardo Flathead paints Ascendency
  • 780 GUE: Construction of Duncanthrax's trophy room
  • 976 GUE: mysterious artifact, subway death, Ascendency exhibition, golem wrestling upset

Update the 778 grue repellent errata in light of Gregory Baumgardner's letter.

Add The Zork Library to Links page.

15 Jam 2002

Add category and cubes of influence to the list of spells. Moved a spell that was out of alphabetical order.

Use more curly quotes.

14 Jam 2002

Add a letter from Gregory Baumgardner about another way to look at the trouble with grue repellent.

Group letters in the letters page by subject.

Update address for The Underdogs in Links page, and change link to the Sweet Yoruk fanfic to the site it is on, which has other Zork-related works.

Adjust date of ZGI from 34 FrobuaryTR to 34-35 FrobuaryTR. Ominous Bells pointed out that though the opening newsreel announces the date 34 FrobuaryTR, it also says the Inquizivision debut is tomorrow. Since it is launched during the game, the game apparently ends on the 35th.

31 Mage 2002

Add apologia for the original FrobozzCo HQ's construction.

Made some changes to the typography of the site.

Add a 16×16 size to the favorites icon.

Enable the site icon for Mozilla as well as Internet Explorer.

29 Mage 2002

Thanks to David DeBry, the third gentle reader to send me a tip via PayPal.

9 Mage 2002

Remove some stale links from the Links page.

4 Estuary 2002

Thanks to Christopher Green, the second gentle reader to send me a tip via PayPal.

22 Mumberbur 2001

Update name of the Farscape/Zork fanfic from Oh, Implementors! to Sweet Yoruk!.

28 Ottobur 2001

Add images of original FrobozzCo Headquarters, Flathead Beach, history book, travel guide, and Popular Enchanting magazine.

Reorganize currency page. Add zorkmid coin from Zork Nemesis. Describe currency from the graphical games.

27 Ottobur 2001

Correct a few typos and improve the automatic XHTML degradation for some browsers.

Move Flathead portrait illustrations to right.

27 Ottobur 2001

Thanks to Craig Browning, the first gentle reader to send me a tip via PayPal.

24 Ottobur 2001

Replace fuzzy Lucrezia Flathead images.

Add The Infocom Documentation Project to Links.

23 Ottobur 2001

Add pile of zorkmids image from Return to Zork to Currency page.

22 Ottobur 2001

Add images of currency to Currency page, including new image of 500 zorkmid bill.

21 Ottobur 2001

Add image of Idwit Oogle Flathead zorkmid from Zork Grand Inquisitor to entry about his ascension.

Add GUE Tech winning Thaumaturgic decathlon in 966.

Moved Mir Yannick's expulsion to 966.

Updated entry on creation of statue garden with image.

Add more quibbles with Zork Grand Inquisitor to the References page.

20 Ottobur 2001

Added a Currency page.

Made clearer zorkmid images from the scans at the Video Game Museum site.

Add some Frobozz Magic Companies, Mage Day, turn embarrassing photo invisible from Zork Grand Inquisitor.

Change date of Skull of Yoruk's possession by grues from 950 to 948-950, with errata about date inconsistency.

Add more quibbles with Zork Grand Inquisitor to the References page.

7 Suspendur 2001

Moved links to navigational bars.

29 Augur 2001

Converted pages to XHTML 1.1.

26 Jelly 2001

Updated Links page.

Revise References page entry for the What-Do-I-Do-Now books, add a couple links.

9 Mage 2001

Update link to Stefano Canali's Great Underground Empire page to his new Frobozz Magic Company site.

11 Oracle 2001

Since my domain name registration has come up for renewal, I've added a link for PayPal donations.

30 Arch 2001

Refreshed Carolyn Mitchell's website on the Links page.

21 Arch 2001

Refreshed Frobozz Electric Website #50809 on the Links page.

24 FrobuaryTR 2001

Made a couple updates to the Links page.

22 FrobuaryTR 2001

Disable the style sheet for browsers whose support is too buggy to bother maintaining a lobotomized version. Add a message for users of outdated browsers promoting the Web Standards Project's browser upgrade initiative.

Mark up a few more titles as citations on the References page, and add a line to the Wishbringer quote.

21 FrobuaryTR 2001

Now that Stefano Canali's The Great Underground Empire Home Page is back up, I've added it to the Links page.

12 FrobuaryTR 2001

Added a list of websites that link to the Chronology.

6 FrobuaryTR 2001

Added some hardcoded previous/next links in the pages.

17 Dismembur 2000

Let the server generate the menu and the previous/next links to make it easier to rearrange or add pages later.

9 Dismembur 2000

Use proper en dashes instead of hyphens to separate page and year ranges.

7 Dismembur 2000

Added projection rules to stylesheet, and marked up books so that chapters show up on separate slides.

Corrected incorrect abbreviation periods in [sic]. Nothing worse than pointing out errors in a cited text, and making a grammatical error while doing it.

7 Mumberbur 2000

Fix a couple markup errors.

6 Mumberbur 2000

Add another e-mail from Andy Harrington and an old one from my archives to the letters page.

Add Frobozz Magic Siren Company to FrobozzCo list.

28 Ottobur 2000

Marked up game titles as citations in letters page.

Illustrate my interpretation of the Zork Nemesis opening in the letters page with a couple screen captures.

Added events:

  • 773: Mention the one event of the unofficial game Perilous Magic.
  • 778: Errata--Grue repellent improvements cause a 31% drop in grue population.
  • 883: Naming of the first Dungeon Master split into separate entry from creation of the white house.
  • 1048: Renaming of FrobozzCo to Frobozz Electric split into separate entry from Grand Inquisitor's rise to power.
  • 1067: Antharia Jack framed for arson and arrested by Inquisition.
  • < 1202: Wizard Trembyle's birthday

Changed events:

  • 773: Mention the apology of the civil servant who started the Endless Fire.
  • 949: Instead of writing that a pilgrim revived four alchemists, write that a pilgrim broke the Curse of the Forbidden Lands.
  • A couple other typo corrections and minor wording changes.

Added notes:

  • ~946: Mention the subplot making Nemesis the thief from Zork I that was edited out of the final version of Zork Nemesis.
  • 948: Explain why contrary to the Ruffini Encyclopedia Frobozzica, the Wizard of Frobozz survives his defeat in Zork II.
  • 1067: Lucy Flathead is a bit presumptuous.

Changed notes:

  • 757: Mention that Belboz is raised by a guardian uncle.
  • 949: Split apologia from note on Magic Scrolls of Bizboz.

27 Ottobur 2000

Added the Frobozz Magic Sewer Company to the FrobozzCo list.

Spent a couple hours revisiting Return to Zork. Made a nifty animated GIF of FCD#3 and another of Jason Hervey as the Troll Leader (for the References page).

1067-1647: Added the rebuilding of FCD#3 to the chronology.

1067: Also added an image of FCD#3 from Zork Grand Inquisitor.

Added Pork 1 and 2 to What's Out in References, just for the sake of mentioning them.

Added my to do list to the Revision History page.

Elaborated my interpretation of the Zork Nemesis opening in the letters page.

18 Ottobur 2000

Rearranged and rewrote parts of the References page. Among other things, I marked up game titles as citations, added a quote from each of the novels, and moved the InfoComics from What's Out to What's In.

10 Ottobur 2000

Made the table of contents more convenient. Reordered the pages a bit.

7 Ottobur 2000

Corrected a misattributed letter, and dug a couple old e-mails out of the archives about the mushroom people cut from Return to Zork.

6 Ottobur 2000

Moved site to its own subdomain, http://quendor.robinlionheart.com/.

Another thoughtful letter from Arthur Chu, this time about relics in Steppinthrax monastery. Toned down my criticism in the chronology.

Changed mention of Nemesis error in placing FCD#3 on surface to mention of Nemesis misprinting FCD#7 as FCD#3.

Image of Agrippa's letter to Duncanthrax from the former Zork Nemesis website.

Quoted The Legend of Wishbringer in two entries.

Added text of The Great Underground Empire: A History and A Brief History of Magic.

Configured the site to send Netscape 4.x users pages with dumbed-down formatting.

2 Ottobur 2000

I've reformatted the letters page a little, and added a response from Arthur Chu.

Updated some stale links to Baf's Guide to the IF Archive. Thanks to Kevin Lynn for pointing them out.

1 Ottobur 2000

Added some e-mail to the letters page, including a particularly interesting apologia from Arthur Chu which may resolve the Wishbringer/Beyond Zork dilemma, and more of Andy Harrington's quest for a definitive answer to his questions about Zork Nemesis.

15 Augur 2000

Added the bankruptcy of the Frobozz Magic Grommet Company in 956 GUE. Thanks to Andy Harrington for pointing that out.

Replied to a couple e-mails on the letters page.

20 Mage 2000

Illustrated the minting of the first zorkmid in 699 with an image of a zorkmid coin kindly provided by Nate Waggoner.

Add apologia suggesting the relics in Steppinthrax Monastery in 949 may be fakes.

Add some material from the ZorkQuest InfoComics.

Used more characters like curly quotes, coded to degrade as necessary for browsers than aren't fully HTML 4.0 compliant.

Since the majority of the typos in quoted material (noted with [sic]) were missing letters and punctuation, I've improved the flow of the text by filling in the missing characters instead. The insertions are marked up in the page source, so smart browsers should distinguish them from their context.

24 Oracle 2000

Added previous and next links in the HTML headers for browsers that support them (like iCab).

13 Oracle 2000

Moved again. (sigh) New URL is http://www.robinlionheart.com/quendor/.

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