Calendar of Quendor

Most of what we know about the calendar comes from the 883 Flathead Calendar included in Zork Zero.

Months of the year

The Quendorian year is divided into twelve months. In 883, these months were of similar length to those of the Gregorian calendar used on Earth, except for FrobuaryTR, which observed Antharian Leap Week.

The months are named:

Leap Weeks

On the 883 calendar, FrobuaryTR 29 is listed as Start of Leap Week (Antharia only), and the month has 35 days.

Leap weeks come to be observed in the Frigid River Valley as well, since Zork Grand Inquisitor begins on 32 FrobuaryTR 1067.

A letter in the Zork III packaging is dated 33 Suspendur 947. If not a misprint, this suggests that leap weeks do not always occur in FrobuaryTR.

Since 883, 947, and 1067 are 64 and 120 years apart, we may assume leap weeks occur every four years, as in the Gregorian calendar, though not on years that are multiples of four.

Days of the week

As in the Gregorian calendar, days are grouped into seven-day weeks. The days of the week are named:

Holidays and festivals

These are the known holidays and festivals. Dates are based on their observances in the year 883.

(883 GUE)
Day Holiday Analog Source
1 Est Entharion Day New Year's Day Zork Zero calendar
3 Fro Frob Undergroundhog's Day Groundhog Day, 2 Feb Zork Zero calendar,
ZGI (diary)
29 Fro Start of Leap Week (Antharia only) Leap Year, 29 Feb Zork Zero calendar
11 Arc Star St. Balhu's Day Zork Zero calendar
3 Ora King Wurb's Birthday Zork Zero calendar
4 Ora Grue St. Foobus's Day Zork Zero calendar
22 Ora Coronation Day Zork Zero calendar
0 Mag Zero Day Zork Zero calendar
1 Mag Mage Day May Day, 1 May Zork Zero calendar,
ZGI (diary)
6 Mag Star Antharian Marble Pageant Zork Zero calendar
31 Mag Wand St. Honko's Day Zork Zero calendar
4 Jel Filfre Day Independence Day (USA) Zork Zero calendar
25 Jel Grue St. Quakko's Day (maybe) Zork Zero calendar
6 Aug Sand St. Bovus' Day Zork Zero calendar
4 Sus 1st Mud Leisure Day Labor Day, 1st Mon in Sep Zork Zero calendar
11 Sus Mud Double Fanucci Championships [1st week in autumn] Zork Zero calendar
6 Ott Frob St. Wiskus' Day Zork Zero calendar
11 Mum Star Veterinarian's Day Veteran's Day (USA) Zork Zero calendar
14 Mum Curse Day Zork Zero calendar,
ZGI (diary)
25 Dis some ancient holiday Christmas Z:TUU