Chronology of Quendor

Year Date Event Source
1,000,000 BE The Frobeolithic Glacier Epozz Zork Nemesis
50,000 BE The Frobozzolithic Lake Epozz Zork Nemesis
30,000 BE The Brogmolithic Volcano Epozz Zork Nemesis
At Phee arch:

Huge dinosaurs feed on unfamiliar vegetation, lumbering against a sky red with the glare of active volcanos.

* Based on the dinosaurs, I would have set it at ~100,000,000 BE. However, it seems geologically similar to Nemesis's Brogmolithic epozz.

Beyond Zork
~10,000 BE At Phee arch:

Forest Clearing
The perimeter of this grassy clearing is dotted with primitive huts.

* Based on the first migration of modern humans into the area, I would estimate ~30,000 BE if not for Nemesis's epozzes. Instead, I make a rough interpolation.

Beyond Zork
~1000 BE Early pre-Quendorian society flourishes. Then dies. ZGI chronologue
~800 BE The Mithicans, one of the last of the pre-Quendorian tribes, disappear in what most anthropologists term a goof-up of the first order. ZGI chronologue
<396 BE Pheebor is a young and arrogant city-state. In the new Plaza, an orator calls for war with Borphee. Beyond Zork
War between Pheebor and Borphee over the naming of the One River. General Horteus Shplee leads the Borphean army against the Pheeborian forces of Prince Foo. Beyond Zork,
ZGI chronologue
396 BE As Pheebor burns, a black knight kills Prince Foo on the Battleground. Foo is dead! The age of Borphee is begun! Beyond Zork
The Zizbits, a revered circle of wizards, is destroyed with their spells and paraphernalia in the downfall of Pheebor. ZorkQuest II
300-200 BE Mage of Jerrimore curses Jewel of Jerrimore. Zork Zero
once upon a time

Tales are told of the magical land of Froon.

* Legends of this magical kingdom date back before the reign of Entharion the Wise.

Beyond Zork lore
Zilbeetha angers an evil mage, who turns her into a crystal orb on her wedding day.

This is one of the oldest and dearest legends in the annals of Quendor. Zilbeetha, a beautiful maiden, somehow angered an evil mage, and was placed under enchantment and turned into a crystal orb on the very day that she was to be wed. The heartbroken groom, who is always depicted holding a fragile bloom, sought help from the wizard's goodly twin. The good wizard turned the groom to stone, that he might stay young until the day Zilbeetha was returned to him.

Encyclopedia Frobozzica, 882 GUE

* Since it is one of the oldest legends of Quendor, it probably takes place before or during the legendary reign of Entharion.

Zork Zero
The Entharion Dynasty
0 AE 1 Est

Kingdom of Quendor formed when Entharion unites warring city-states of Galepath and Mareilon.

* Adding GUE after a year did not become common practice until the latter part of the eighth century. Quendor was not called the Great Underground Empire until Dimwit Flathead renamed it in 770 GUE.

Zork Zero
0-41 Largoneth Castle built. Enchanter
Entharion the Wise invents the infotater, according to popular legend. Sorcerer
Grues are eradicated from the face of the world, many by Entharion and his legendary blade Grueslayer. Remaining grues go into hiding in the bottomless pits underground. Beyond Zork,
Zork Zero
41 Mysterion succeeds Entharion the Wise. Zork I history
55 Zylon succeeds Mysterion the Brave. Zork I history
~300? At Phee arch:

Time has not yet softened the layers of dirt and rubble obscuring the remains of this plaza.

* Estimate based on interpolating dates of preceding and following steps of Phee hourglass.

Beyond Zork
353 Yoruk of Galepath born. ZGI chronologue
380 Yoruk, bored out of his mind with his job as a mashed potato merchant, builds a boat and sails across the Great Sea, becoming the first Quendorian to reach the eastlands. ZGI chronologue
Yoruk follows a Daemon down to Hades, where the Devil teaches him the Great Mysteries of the Cosmos (and the secrets of Deep Magic). Zork Nemesis,
ZGI chronologue
398 Zilbo I succeeds Zylon the Aged. Zork I history
399 Gustav Peggleboz born. Zork Zero
400-456 Gustav Peggleboz invents the game of Peggleboz. Zork Zero
406 Yoruk retires to a hermitic life in the forests of Egreth and begins writing what will become The Books of Saint Yoruk. ZGI chronologue
later Yoruk is declared a saint by the Zorkastrian Church. ZGI chronologue
423 Bozbo I succeeds Zilbo I. Zork I history

St. Yoruk dies, leaving behind a large body of work. His autobiography becomes an instant bestseller.

St. Yoruk is buried beneath Steppinthrax Monastery. Though the rest of his body decomposes and disappears, his skull retains the secrets of Deep Magic.

St. Yoruk asks the Implementors to return him to his friends in the Underworld. When they refuse, he wields his sword and hacks his way from the Ethereal Plane of Atrii back to Hades.

Zork Nemesis,
Zork Nemesis journal,
ZGI chronologue
429 Zilbo II succeeds Bozbo I. Zork I history
451 Harmonious Fzort succeeds Zilbo II. Zork I history
454 Attempting to recreate Yoruk's historic journey, the largest fleet of ships ever assembled embarks on a pilgrimage to the eastlands. They last a week. ZGI chronologue
456 Gustav Peggleboz dies. Zork Zero
466 Yipple Rebellion at Galepath is crushed by Dundor of Vriminax. Zork Nemesis
< 475

Bizboz: [The Book of] Four Jokes and Learned Essays Upon Them

* Return to Zork: Angus Pugney says Ach, I know that one. Four Jokes and Learned Essays Upon Them. It's by Bizboz. It is written in a literary language (like Latin?) that few will be able to read in the distant future of 1647.

Return to Zork

Bizboz writes seminal work of Thaumaturgy, On the Presence of Incredibly Weird Stuff Going On, leading to his removal from faculty of Galepath U.

* In Nemesis, the book appears with the incomplete title the Presence of Incredibly Weird Stuff Going On.

Enchanter history
474 The Zucchini Wars devastate 7 provinces. Zork Zero
5 Jam Treaty of Znurg signed, ending the Zucchini Wars. Zork Zero,
Zork Zero calendar
475 Bizboz commits suicide. Enchanter history
477 Bozbo II succeeds Harmonious Fzort. Zork I history
481 Thaddium Fzort succeeds Bozbo II. Zork I history
~481-545 Crocodile's Tear comes into Thaddium Fzort's possession. Beyond Zork
< 966 L. Frank Fzort writes children's books about the land of Froon. Beyond Zork lore
545 Mumbo I succeeds Thaddium Fzort. Zork I history
569 Bozbo III succeeds Mumbo I. Zork I history
575 Bozbo IV succeeds Bozbo III. Zork I history
Expenditures of Bozbo IV's government
14% Military
2% Royal Bureaucracy
18% Construction of Roads and Bridges
66% Other
Zork I history
619 Bozbo IV dies. Mumbo II ascends. Bloit basis changes from Bozbo IV's windcat to Mumbo II's very, very ancient turtle. Zork I history,
Zork Zero
628 Zilbo III succeeds Mumbo II. Zork I history
657 Duncanthrax may be one of Zilbo's palace guards.

...historians disagree about Duncanthrax's life prior to 659. A petition signed by palace guards in 657, asking for an increase in the mosquito netting allotment, bears a signature that looks suspiciously like Duncanthrax. Some historians insist that Duncanthrax was general of the Royal Militia. One legend even suggests that Duncanthrax was a demon who assumed human form. Another legend describes him as a former rope salesman.

The Great Underground Empire: A History, Froboz Mumbar

Zork I history
~628-690 Zilbo III invents the brass Trombuoy, and writes several sonatas for Trombuoy and Danvictorhorn. NZT 4.2
The Flathead Dynasty
659 31 Dis Duncanthrax deposes Zilbo III, ending Entharion Dynasty. Zork I history
660 Egreth Castle built. Sorcerer,
Zork Zero
~660 Duncanthrax, on a whim, builds the Glass Maze underground near Egreth to amuse his friends and torture his enemies. Sorcerer,
Zork Zero
660-662 Duncanthrax raises a tremendous army and systematically conquers the westlands. Zork I history
662 Duncanthrax the Bellicose's empire controls virtually all the land between the Great Sea and the Kovalli Desert. Zork I history
Berknip born. Spellbreaker card
665 Duncanthrax the Bellicose's forces vanquish Antharian Armada at battle of Fort Griffspotter, giving Duncanthrax control of the Great Sea. Zork I history
666 Underground caverns discovered. Zork I history
Duncanthrax invades the eastlands. Zork I history
Diablo Massacre.

The Diablo Massacre occurred at the Zorbel Pass in 666 GUE when the invading armies of King Duncanthrax met a native militia of trollish warriors. The invaders were outnumbered but well-armed; the natives were equipped only with wooden clubs and a large piece of very strong garlic. Military historians consider the routing of the native militia as a key moment in the conquering of the eastlands.

Encyclopedia Frobozzica, 882 GUE

Zork Zero
late Duncanthrax the Bellicose settles battle at Globby Hills by arranging to fight the opposing army's champion in single combat. Duncanthrax distracts the champion (an immense ogre) and buries him in granola. SpiritWrak (unofficial)

Irondune is a frontier outpost in Duncanthrax the Bellicose's campaign.

* The Nemesis map places Irondune in the Desert River Province, in the southern eastlands beyond the Flathead Mountains that line the Frigid River Valley. Zorbel Pass (connecting Fublio Valley on the east to the FRV on the west) would therefore be the logical passage to the Great Sea from this region.

Therefore, Irondune was probably used after Duncanthrax took Zorbel Pass in the Diablo Massacre.

Zork Nemesis journal

Original FrobozzCo HQ constructed.

A picture captioned Original Headquarters Building Constructed 667 appears on the last page of FrobozzCo's 778 annual report. However, it is not the FrobozzCo HQ yet. The Frobozz Magic Cave Co., forerunner of FrobozzCo International, will not be formed until 668.

Apologia: Perhaps Duncanthrax gave them a new castle that was originally built for another purpose. See 19 Arch 668.

Zork III annual report
668 19 Arc Duncanthrax the Bellicose forms Frobozz Magic Cave Co.

The names Frobozz Magic Cave Co. and Frobozz Magic Construction Co. are used inconsistently.

The Frobozz Magic Construction Company (the forerunner of the modern industrial giant FrobozzCo International) was formed to undertake this project in 668.

The Great Underground Empire: A History, Froboz Mumbar (896 GUE)

The first of FrobozzCo's myriad subsidiaries, the Magic Cave Company was formed over a century ago to implement King Duncanthrax's massive tunneling project.

FrobozzCo International Annual Report, 778 GUE

[FrobozzCo International] can trace its origin to the Frobozz Magic Cave Company, which was formed at the behest of King Duncanthrax in 668 GUE.

Encyclopedia Frobozzica, 882 GUE

King Duncanthrax formed the Frobozz Magic Construction Company in 667 GUE to enlarge the underground caverns of the Eastlands.

Lives of the Twelve Flatheads, Boswell Barwell (804 GUE)

* Note: the year is incorrect.

  • Zork Zero: Arch 19 on The Flathead Calendar 883 has the legend Frobozz Magic Cave Co. founded (668 GUE)
  • Zork Zero: the Rockville Estates blueprint (880) and sign both say Frobozz Magic Construction Company.
  • Zork II: a card in the volcano says Frobozz Magic Cave Company.
  • Zork Nemesis: a plaque dated 668 says Frobozz Magic Construction Company.

Apologia: Duncanthrax formed the Frobozz Magic Cave Co. on 19 Arch 668. One division formed shortly thereafter was the Frobozz Magic Construction Co., which built the structures in the newly hollowed caves. Because Frobozz Magic Construction Co. is the Frobozz Magic Cave Co.'s largest division, the names are often used interchangeably (as the former USSR was often called Russia).

Zork Zero calendar

FrobozzCo International incorporated.

* International? Is there any other nation that Duncanthrax hasn't conquered yet?

Zork I history

Frobozz Magic Construction Co. builds Milo [sic] 735 Southern Highway at the building site of the Temple of the Ancients.

* Since it's not GUH-735, perhaps this predates the Great Underground Highway project.

Zork Nemesis (plaque)
The Zorkeolithic Epozz. The Temple of the Ancients is constructed. Zork Nemesis
C. Agrippa writes a scornful letter to Duncanthrax the Bellicose.

To King Duncanthrax, My Holy and Exalted Ruler, The King of Kings, The Emperor of All Both Above the Earth and Below, More Bellicose Than Mother Hungus Defending Her Young

A greeting to your lecherous soul. I bear ill news.

Your spy is dead, choked to death on his own villainous bile. He had consumed the sweet, but deadly fruit you so kindly bequeathed to me. You stand alone as a soul of pestilence and putridity, a festering wart on the hindquarters of humanity. Be you assured that I have sealed off the places that you seek, made certain with your tools of choice, with powder and with fire, that you shall never find the places that you seek. I, too, practice more than alchemy.

Nor think you that my secrets are of maps and words alone. In the black darkness of your heart, there is not room enough for the smallest inkling of the knowledge that you seek. Nor will your brilliant scientists avail you. To them, Alchemy is nothing but a principle -- the purification and transmutation of base metals into Gold, the search for power. The goal of goals, the Quintessence, pure distillate of Human Spirit, lies well beyond their ken. They have too much in common with your most learned and thoughtful Self; their hearts are black as pitch and bled of any memory of love or empathy. In all due time, their highest honors and diplomas shall follow you on your stately journey into Hell. With men such as you, it is better to let knowledge fallow than curse the world with your brand of benevolence.

With all Humility,
Your Most Insignificant and Smelly Servant,

The Eastlands
668 GUE

* 668 GUE is an anachronism, since the letter was written before Quendor becomes the GUE in 770. The letter is not canon anyway.

Zork Nemesis website (removed)
Ceremonial flyswatter used in ritual involving Four Fantastic Flies of Famathria.
Zork Zero
672 9 Dis Duncanthrax the Bellicose writes the Unnatural Acts. Dusk of Empirical Age of Magic. Enchanter history,
Zork Zero calendar
672-~701 To punish magic abusers, the Totemizer is invented. ZGI chronologue
Expenditures of Duncanthrax the Bellicose's government:
33% Military
8% Royal Bureaucracy
54% Construction of Caverns
5% Other
Zork I history

Duncanthrax grows withdrawn and decides to construct an underground chamber south of Egreth to house his battle trophies and self-bestowed awards. A captured Prevaricon and Veritassi are directed to encode the lock sequence in a logic puzzle using gold and silver paint respectively, then executed for complicating matters by painting over their words with black paint.

SpiritWrak (unofficial)
683 Demonstration of first principles of Thaumaturgy leads to loosening of Unnatural Acts to allow Scientific Thaumaturgy.
Dawn of the Scientific Age of Magic.
Enchanter history,
ZGI chronologue

Vilboz forms first Enchanters Guild in Accardi-by-the-Sea.

* The Encyclopedia Frobizzica says that the Enchanter's Guild can date its roots to the reign of Entharion, over 900 years ago, but we can interpret roots very loosely.

Enchanter history,
ZGI chronologue
683-883 Jacques Yves Flathead invents the magic bathysphere. Zork Zero

The deposed Zilbo III is exiled to a villa where he invents Double Fanucci.

* According to the Encyclopedia Frobozzica, in the late 7th century. Probably several years before the first championship in 691.

Zork I history,
Zork Zero
688 Duncanthrax the Bellicose dies. Belwit the Flat ascends. Zork I history
691 Sus 1st annual Double Fanucci Championship. Zork I history
699 16 Aug First zorkmid minted. Zork Zero calendar
701 Frobwit the Flatter succeeds Belwit the Flat. Zork I history
701-727 Scientific Thaumaturgy flourishes. Enchanter history

Bank of Zork's Frobozz Magic Vault constructed (in Zork II)

* The 722 GUE on the vault is an anachronism, since the date was printed before Quendor becomes the GUE in 770.

Zork II (vault)

Dimwit Flathead, son of Mumberthrax, great-great-grandson of Duncanthrax, born.

* If Froboz Mumbar is correct, in the Flathead Dynasty, Dimwit is both the 5th generation and the 7th King. Perhaps two of the intermediate kings before Dimwit were sibling successions to the throne.

Zork Zero calendar,
Zork I history
First Hyperbolic Incantation Concentrator (magic wand) produced at Thaumaturgical Institute. Enchanter history

John D. Flathead born.

* 8 Jelly, if he has the same birthday as John D. Rockefeller.

Zork Zero calendar

T.J. Stonewall Flathead born.

* 21 Estuary, if he has the same birthday as Stonewall Jackson.

Zork Zero calendar
727 Timberthrax Flathead succeeds Frobwit the Flatter. Zork I history

Johann Sebastian Flathead born.

* 21 Arch, if he has the same birthday as Johann Sebastian Bach.

Zork Zero calendar
~725-733 Dimmie enjoys torturing nannies in the dungeon. Zork Zero calendar
730 < Arc J. Pierpont Flathead born. Zork Zero calendar
> Ott

Thomas Alva Flathead born.

* J. Pierpont and Thomas Alva were both born in 730. Assume they have the same mother (funny how we never hear about the Queens of the Dynasty), Thomas Alva was born at least 9 months after J. Pierpont. Therefore J. Pierpont was born early in the year, and Thomas Alva late in the year.

Zork Zero calendar
731 Leonardo Flathead born. Zork Zero calendar
732 Frobozz Philharmonic Orchestra formed. Nothing of the vaguest interest to anyone is played for seven years. Zork I history, ZGI chronologue

Lucrezia Flathead born.

* 18 Oracle, if she has the same birthday as Lucrezia Borgia.

Zork Zero calendar

Ralph Waldo Flathead born.

* 25 Mage, if he has the same birthday as Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Zork Zero calendar

John Paul Flathead born.

* 6 Jelly, if he has the same birthday as John Paul Jones.

Zork Zero calendar

Phloid Flathead succeeds Timberthrax Flathead.

* Probably one of the two pre-Dimwit sibling successions, since Mumberthrax did not take the throne.

Zork I history
Little J. Pierpont Flathead opens a lemonade stand and discovers the power of monopolies.

As a child, J. Pierpont demonstrated both the flair for capitalism and the resourcefulness which would make him the most successful banker in all of Quendor. The enterprising eight-year-old opened a lemonade stand in the center of Egreth Village, using the royal militia to force citizens to buy lemonade. At spearpoint, most people were willing to pay little J. Pierpont's exorbitant price of 300 zorkmids per glass.

He also used the militia to quash other lemonade stands in the city, and later to shut off all other beverage sources as well. As the prices at his lemonade stand soared into the quadruple digits, J. Pierpont quickly realized the power of monopolies.

Lives of the Twelve Flatheads, Boswell Barwell (804 GUE)

Zork Zero calendar
738-766 John Paul Flathead orders a bathtub flotilla. Zork Zero calendar
John Paul Flathead becomes first to traverse Great Sea in one-man ship. Zork Zero calendar
John Paul Flathead sets the record for most circumnavigations of Antharia on a raft towed by groupers. Zork Zero calendar
739 FPO performs their first symphony, by Johann Sebastian Flathead (age 11). Zork Zero calendar
741 Frank Lloyd Flathead born. Zork Zero calendar
~741 Dimwit Flathead spends early adulthood vacationing in eastlands. Zork Zero calendar
743 John D. Flathead graduates from Borphee Business School. Zork Zero calendar
There are more than 17,000 FrobozzCo subsidiaries. Zork Zero calendar
* According to the ZGI chronologue, John D. Flathead founds Flathead Industries. However, according to the Zork Zero calendar, he founded FI at age 22. In 743, he would be about 18. ZGI chronologue
The seven-week Battle of the Stonewall makes T.J. Stonewall Flathead's reputation.
Zork Zero calendar

John D. Flathead founds Flathead Industries.

* At age 22

Zork Zero calendar

Babe Flathead born.

* 6 Fidooshiary, if he has the same birthday as Babe Ruth.

Zork Zero calendar

Thomas Alva Flathead invents the battery-powered brass lantern.

* The Frobozz Magic Lantern Company exists in 778, so it was invented before then.

Zork Zero calendar

Thomas Alva Flathead produces an endless stream of inventions from his lab, Froblo Park.

* As an adult

Zork Zero calendar

Thomas Alva Flathead invents the phonograph.

* Speculation: The Frigid River Conservatory has a phonograph in Zork Nemesis. In our world, Thomas Alva Edison is credited with inventing the phonograph in 1877.

speculation (unofficial)

Thomas Alva Flathead invents movies.

* Speculation: Movies were produced in Quendor (musical about Froon, Beach Blanket Fanucci). Thomas Alva Edison is credited with inventing a motion-picture apparatus in our world.

speculation (unofficial)

Judy Garlic stars in successful movie musical based on L. Frank Fzort's stories about the land of Froon.

Beyond Zork lore

Judy Garlic stars in the musical Yoruk!, based on Yoruk's autobiography.

* I suppose she doesn't play the title role, however.

ZGI chronologue

Babe Flathead subsequently captains all the Little League teams thanks to pressure applied by Mayor Fiorello Flathead [of New Zork City? :-)].

Zork Zero calendar
749 J. Pierpont Flathead, age 19, becomes clerk at Bank of Zork. Zork Zero calendar
6 weeks later
J. Pierpont Flathead becomes Chairman of the Board.
Zork Zero calendar
749-789 J. Pierpont Flathead, Chairman of Bank of Zork, uses royal connections to eliminate all competing banks. Zork Zero calendar

J. Pierpont Flathead also supervises installation of latest magic-based security techniques.

* The Bank of Zork's vault is dated 722 GUE, so it's not one of the latest techniques.

Zork Zero calendar
J. Pierpont Flathead writes his outrageous autobiography, I'm Rich and You Aren't - So There! Zork II

Leonardo Flathead enrolls in Galepath U.

* Assume age ~18.

Zork Zero calendar
~749-753 While at Galepath U., Leonardo Flathead writes an essay proving that the world rests on head of giant troll. Zork Zero calendar
750 Berknip the Necromancer dies, survived by 7 children and 39 grandchildren. Spellbreaker card

FrobozzCo buys Flathead Industries and names it Frobozz Magic Co. Co. John D. Flathead becomes one of FrobozzCo's 39,000 vice-presidents.

* Within three years: 747-750

Zork Zero calendar
John D. Flathead parlays his business acumen and royal connections into the chairmanship of FrobozzCo. Years of heady growth follow.
Zork Zero calendar
751 Lucrezia Flathead (age 16) marries Marcus Bzart-Foodle, a very rich, very old nobleman. Zork Zero calendar
10.5 months later Marcus Bzart-Foodle dies in bed of overexcitement. Zork Zero calendar
~752 Lucrezia Flathead marries Oddzoe Glorb III, wealthy land baron. Zork Zero calendar
5 weeks later Oddzoe Glorb III is mangled by hellhounds. Zork Zero calendar
5 days later Lucrezia Flathead marries Governor Hirax Mumbleton of Antharia. Zork Zero calendar
2 days later Gov. Hirax Mumbleton is smothered under a ton of raw granola. Zork Zero calendar
~752-774 Lucrezia Flathead subsequently marries 15 more wealthy lords. Coincidentally, each of them dies on their wedding night. Zork Zero calendar

After Leonardo Flathead leaves Galepath U., he moves from science to art.

* Assume he enrolls in 749 and spends 4 years there.

Zork Zero calendar
755 Mumberthrax Flathead succeeds Phloid Flathead. Zork I history
Stonewall Flathead becomes General of Royal Army. Zork Zero calendar
755-789 Stonewall Flathead subsequently squelches 3 provincial rebellions and over 12,000 tax riots. Zork Zero calendar
~755 Davmar invents spell scrolls in newly-crowned Mumberthrax's lab. Enchanter history

Ralph Waldo Flathead enrolls in Antharia U. for 11 years.

* Assume age ~18.

Zork Zero calendar

Unseen Terror released, then trapped in recess beneath Largoneth.

This legend, written in an ancient tongue, goes something like this: At one time a shapeless and formless manifestation of evil was disturbed from millennia of sleep. It was so powerful that it required the combined wisdom of the leading enchanters of that age to conquer it. The legend tells how the enchanters lured the Terror "to a recess deep within the earth" by placing there a powerful spell scroll. When it had reached the scroll, the enchanters trapped it there with a spell that encased it in the living rock. The Terror was so horrible that none would dare speak of it. A comment at the end of the narration indicates that the story is considered to be quite fanciful; no other chronicles of the age mention the Terror in any form.

* After spell scrolls were invented. It is probably impossible to determine the date, as no other chronicles of the age mention the Terror in any form.

757 3 Jel

King Mumberthrax's Proclamation of 757 decrees Double Fanucci the national sport of Quendor.

[See apologia at 3 Jelly 761.]

Zork Zero calendar

Belboz born an orphan near Aragain Falls, eldest of six brothers and sisters.

* The Imps appear to be poking fun at the archaic phrase born an orphan, which generally meant born fatherless. This is not sexist, since orphan refers to children who are bereaved of one or both parents. For example, the prophet Mohammad was born an orphan. Mohammad's father died before he was born, but his mother died when he was six years old.

The phrase could also be literally true if Belboz's mother died giving birth to sextuplets, leaving Belboz motherless and fatherless. Since Belboz is raised by a guardian uncle, assume this is the case.

Sorcerer magazine
758 Frank Lloyd Flathead (age 17) commissioned by Mumberthrax to build new wing for Egreth castle. Zork Zero calendar
Frank Lloyd Flathead appointed official court architect.
Zork Zero calendar
758-789 Frank Lloyd Flathead designs ski chalet in the Gray Mountains. Zork Zero calendar

Dimithio born.

* Dimithio founds the Borphee Guild of Enchanters. Assuming that he in also the Guildmaster, Dimithio is born after Belboz's birth in 757, because Belboz is the eldest Guildmaster ever. The Borphee Guild Hall must be designed by Frank Lloyd Flathead's death in 789, so Dimithio founds the guild before then.

Spellbreaker card
Dimithio studies under Yooman the Musician Mage. Spellbreaker card
759 Growth year for Frobozz Magic Spell Co., a trend which will continue for at least two decades. Zork III annual report
760 New wing of Egreth collapses, killing over 4000 royal guests. The stonemason is summarily executed. Zork Zero calendar
~760-789 Babe Flathead, as a teen, is a party animal who lands in jail often. Zork Zero calendar
761 3 Jel

Double Fanucci became National Sport of Quendor on 3 Jelly 761, according to 3 Jelly date on 883 Flathead Calendar. However, a footnote on the first page of the calendar says this was decreed by Mumberthrax's Proclamation of 757. The Encyclopedia Frobozzica agrees with the footnote's year of 757.

Apologia: The calendar date has the incorrect year. Mumberthrax decreed Double Fanucci the national sport on 3 Jelly 757.

Zork Zero calendar
Leonardo Flathead paints self-portrait, first of 12 Flathead portraits.
Zork Zero calendar
John Paul Flathead joins royal navy. Zork Zero calendar

Babe Flathead, at college age, enrolls in MPU and becomes a 43-letter man.

* Assume age ~18.

Zork Zero calendar

Ralph Waldo Flathead leaves Antharia U. after 11 years, 3 doctorates, and a chestful of degrees.

* Assume entry at age ~18.

Zork Zero calendar
766-783 Leonardo Flathead paints portraits of the other 11 Flatheads. Zork Zero calendar
Babe Flathead excels at many sports: bocce, tag-team kayaking, full-court furbish.
Zork Zero calendar
Sus Though 339 leading Double Fanucci players disappear, Babe Flathead still cannot make the finals. Zork Zero calendar
Ralph Waldo Flathead, out of Antharia U., writes a series of essays, including:
  • On the Benefits of Keeping Ears Clean,
  • Why Doorknobs are Necessary, and
  • On the Discoloration of Roadside Slush (which was fortunately lost before it could be published)
Zork Zero calendar

Ralph Waldo Flathead, in his middle years, spends half a decade living in Antharian granola mines. During this period, he writes his longest work, a 60,000 verse epic about the varieties of moss that one finds in granola mines.

* middle years should mean age 30-40, since life expectancy is 60 for the average person (from Sorcerer magazine), and Ralph dies at age 52. However, they probably mean middle aged by our standards (40-60, or 777-).

Zork Zero calendar
769 7 Aug Berzio invents spell books and gnusto spell (write a magic spell into a spell book).
Dawn of Industrial Age of Magic.
Enchanter history,
Zork Zero calendar
769-773 First potion invented: berzio potion (obviate need for food or drink) Enchanter history

Thomas Alva Flathead invents yellowish-green potion to talk to plants, most famous of his breakthroughs in personally ingested magic.

* After the first potion is invented.

Zork Zero calendar
770 GUE Mumberthrax Flathead the Insignificant dies. Dimwit Flathead ascends. (Plans for coronation commence.) Bloit basis changes to Dimwit's three-eyed cat. Zork I history,
Zork Zero calendar
Lord Dimwit Flathead's first act decrees that Quendor be called the Great Underground Empire. Zork Zero calendar,
Zork Zero (encyclopedia),
ZGI chronologue
Lord Dimwit Flathead's second act renames the Great Sea the Flathead Ocean. Zork I history,
ZGI chronologue

Belboz tutored by master magician in Borphee Harbor.

* 820 GUE - 30 - 20 = 770 GUE. He would be age 13.

Sorcerer magazine
770s The musty decade of Dimwit Flathead's rule. All standard ground transport banned to save valuable shoe leather. Royalty travels by hot-air balloon. Z:TUU
770-789 Lord Dimwit Flathead the Excessive raises tax rate to just over 98%. Zork I history
Lord Dimwit Flathead orders production of the enormous granola smelters of Plumbat. Zork I history
Lord Dimwit Flathead orders excavation of entire forests for chocolate truffles. Beyond Zork lore
Royal Theater constructed in caverns near Port Foozle. Z:TUU
< 771
John Paul Flathead is ranking admiral of royal navy.
Zork Zero calendar
Lord Dimwit Flathead builds a grand castle on top of the small village of Aragain, renamed Flatheadia.
Zork Zero calendar
14 Jam Capital moved to Flatheadia. Zork Zero calendar
Johann Sebastian Flathead appointed official court composer.
Zork Zero calendar

Johann Sebastian Flathead: Flatheadia Overture for Rack and Pendulum, celebrating dedication of new dungeon.

Zork Zero calendar

The Wizard of Frobozz is removed from the Circle of Enchanters for forgetfulness bordering on senility.

* Probably before his move to the Eastlands.

Enchanter, Zork Zero

The Wizard of Frobozz becomes official court wizard at Flatheadia.

* His move to the Eastlands may have been occasioned by being booted from Enchanters Guild in the Land of Frobozz (in the northern Westlands). Or he may have been Mumberthrax's court wizard at Egreth, and moved to the new royal castle when Dimwit relocated the capital. Either way, he probably was not in the Eastlands long enough to become known as the Wizard of Flatheadia before his timely exile.

Zork Zero
771-883 Oliver Wendell Flathead hands down decisions from the bench from court in Flatheadia. Zork Zero
< 773 Every ship in the navy sunk or lost at sea. Zork Zero calendar
773 A civil servant named Gunther catches a fellow employee from across the hall swiping his zemdor scroll and demands it back. The civil servant fobs off a zimbor scroll on him before being kicked out of his office. Perilous Magic (unofficial)
18 Est Endless Fire started by a hapless civil servant casting the wrong spell. Mareilon burns for 4 weeks. He reportedly apologizes to the city with the words, Whoops! My bad.

The issue came to a head in the aftermath of the Endless Fire of 773 GUE, so named because it burned for 4 weeks after destroying the city of Mareilon. It was later found to have been started by a civil servant who thought he was casting the ZEMDOR spell (turn original into triplicate) but who, instead, cast the ZIMBOR spell (turn one really big city into lots of tiny, little ashes).

A Brief History of Magic, Gustar Woomax

Enchanter history,
following few weeks Lord Dimwit Flathead the Excessive passes 5,521 edicts severely limiting access to magic (and lawyers). All magic entrusted to Guilds of Enchanters henceforth.
Dawn of the Age of Guilds.
Enchanter history
773-789 John Paul Flathead subsequently tours the Flathead Ocean collecting curios and pets (including Otto). Zork Zero calendar
Dimithio founds Borphee Enchanters Guild.

* Assuming Dimithio becomes Guildmaster in the process, he must be born after Belboz in 757. As he is no older than 15 in 773, the Borphee Guild was probably founded nearer to 789.

If he is born in 758, and he founds the Guild in 789, he becomes a Guildmaster at a mere 30 years of age! Shocking! But when you found your own guild, you can probably relax things like age requirements. Perhaps he gained clout for inventing the filfre spell. :-)

Spellbreaker card

Frank Lloyd Flathead designs Great Meeting Hall of Borphee Enchanters Guild.

* After the 773 edicts give Enchanters Guilds official sanction.

Zork Zero
773-799 Numerous chapters of Enchanters Guild form. Enchanter history
Lord Dimwit Flathead locks Lucrezia Flathead up in dungeon. Guards die.
Zork Zero calendar
~776 Thomas Alva Flathead invents the magic room spinner and the magic compressor. Zork Zero calendar,
Zork III
776 Cavern hollowed for Royal Museum. Zork III
Nonworking models of Frobozz Magic Compressor, Room Spinner, and Temporizer donated by John D. Flathead to Technology Museum. Zork III (plaque)
22 Arc?

Lord Dimwit Flathead the Excessive proposes Flood Control Dam #3 and volcano hollowing projects to Lord Feepness at Royal Museum site.

Very nice! Very nice! Not enough security, but very nice! Now, Lord Feepness, pay attention! I've been thinking and what we need is a dam, a tremendous dam to control the Frigid River, with thousands of gates. Yes! I can see it now. We shall call it ... Flood Control Dam #2. No, not quite right. Aha! It will be Flood Control Dam #3.

Pardon me, my Lord, but wouldn't that be just a tad excessive?

Nonsense! Now, let me tell you my idea for hollowing out volcanoes ...

* If the Frobozz Magic Temporizer takes you to the same date of a different year, then he proposes the projects exactly one year before the Royal Museum dedication.

Zork III
777 Leonardo Flathead paints Ascendency. SpiritWrak (unofficial)
22 Arc Royal Museum dedicated. Zork III (plaque),
Zork Zero calendar

FrobozzCo dam and volcano projects move into full gear.

* Even at full gear, construction doesn't begin on FCD#3 until 882. Such is bureaucracy, I suppose.

Zork III annual report
Frobozz Magic Spell Co. sales increased 11%, making 20 years of growth. Zork III annual report
Frobozz Magic Spell Book Co., Frobozz Magic Scroll Rack Co., Frobozz Magic Scroll Mailing Tube Co. formed. Zork III annual report

Frobozz Magic Grue Repellent sales triple, due to product improvements, expanded product line with seven new odors, and aggressive marketing like the Free-Noseplugs-With-Every-Can campaign. Grue-related deaths drop 31%, with a consequent 31% drop in the grue population.

* In 883, Zork Zero reports that grues haven't been around for centuries, and are regarded as old wives' tales. Perhaps there are a few remote corners of the empire where they still lurk. Or perhaps the statistics of grue-related deaths are fabricated to sell grue repellent. Zero is 31% less than zero. (But there hasn't been a grue around for centuries! See how well it works?)

Zork III annual report

Frobozz Magic Spell Co. adds 4 new spells to their line, a record and tribute to their famous Magiclab:

  • drilbo (strip a floor of yellowed wax),
  • borch (put insects to sleep)

    * Presumably the all-purpose espnis wasn't yet invented.

  • gizgum (predict visits by relatives) and
  • quelbo (transmute coconuts into gold)

    * Inconsistent with United Thaumaturgy's ad in Popular Enchanting (957), from the company that developed BLORB and QUELBO. Perhaps UT accidentally reused one of FrobozzCo's spell names, and will soon hear from FrobozzCo's lawyers.

Zork III annual report
778-789 Frobozz Magic Cave Co. hollows out volcano, with Mumboz Agrippa as foreman. Zork II,
Zork I history,
Zork III annual report
< 896 Mumboz Agrippa: Construction of the Empire Zork I history
780s The yet mustier decade of Lord Dimwit Flathead's rule. Hot-air balloons banned due to inability to navigate Aragain Falls (and ground transport banned). Z:TUU
Expenditures of Lord Dimwit Flathead's government
1% Military
68% Royal Bureaucracy
29% Construction of Dams, etc.

* Construction of FCD#3 doesn't start until 782, though others may be in construction.

2% Other
Zork I history
781 Frank Lloyd Flathead designs FrobozzCo World HQ Building. Zork Zero calendar
FrobozzCo World HQ Building constructed by Frobozz Magic Construction Co. at Flatheadia.
Zork Zero calendar
782 Lord Dimwit Flathead orders construction of Flathead Stadium for Babe Flathead, with enough seats for every man, woman, and child in the GUE. Zork Zero calendar
11 Ott Ground broken for Flood Control Dam #3 construction.

* Zork I dam guidebook: 112 days from ground breaking to dedication. Zork Zero calendar: 30 Estuary 883 says Flood Control Dam #3 dedicated (783 GUE). Therefore, ground was broken 111 days earlier on 11 Ottobur, assuming no leap days in Mumberbur or Dismembur 782, which we would not expect to be a leap year. QED.

Apologia: Perhaps Lord Flathead's other projects caused him to postpone building the dam he proposed 6 years ago.

Zork I (dam guidebook),
Zork Zero calendar
783 * Lord Dimwit Flathead orders FCD#3 constructed on a whim, according to the 883 Flathead calendar. Boswell Barwell's biography is inaccurate: in Zork III, we overhear him propose this back in 776. Also, the project was mentioned in the FrobozzCo annual report for 778. Zork Zero calendar
30 Est Flood Control Dam #3 dedicated. Zork I,
Zork Zero calendar
22 Ora Coronation Day. Dimwit's coronation begins, lasting 18 months. Zork Zero calendar
Leonardo Flathead paints Dimwit's coronation portrait, last of 12 Flathead portraits.
Zork Zero calendar
785 Lord Dimwit Flathead exiles the Wizard of Frobozz after he accidentally turns the entire West Wing of Flatheadia castle into a mountain of fudge. Sorcerer,
Zork Zero
~785-789 Ralph Waldo Flathead, toward the end of his life, writes sonnets. Zork Zero calendar
787 Johann Sebastian Flathead's Toccata and Fugue and Theme and Variations, Opus No. 69105 is performed for the only time in its entirety. Legend has it that several members of the 98,000-piece royal orchestra, chorus, corps de ballet, artillery battery, fireworks brigade, and smoke effects crew failed to survive the 87-day ordeal. NZT 4.2
788 Lucrezia Flathead, in an asylum, marries a visiting wizard. Fortunately, the wizard cast a long life spell on himself before meeting Lucrezia, which may account for his outliving her, instead of the other way around. ZGI chronologue
4 Dis Analecta Loowitica XXII, xvi

The Lord Dimwit Flathead to the People of Quendor: Anyone withholding payment of all taxes decreed before this date shall be killed along with everyone they have ever met.

* Difficult to enforce, since any tax collector who meets one of the tax evaders must be put to death.

* It is unlike Dimwit to use the name Quendor, since he was the one who decreed the name be changed to the Great Underground Empire.

Zork Nemesis

Lucille Flathead, daughter of Lucrezia Flathead, born.

* I wonder if she went on to marry a bongo player named Desi.

ZGI chronologue
Lord Dimwit Flathead: My Best Excesses Zork Nemesis

Dimwit orders defoliation of Fublio Valley for 9-bloit statue.

* The statue was completed in 789, so defoliation was probably not long before.

Zork I history,
Zork Zero

Frigid River Valley residents riot over the statue of Lord Dimwit Flathead. 3000 of Lord Flathead's best men are mistaken for marauders because they do not know the password, an Elvis Flathead lyric.

...mission of protecting Lord Dimwit from the riotous residents of the Frigid River Valley, who opposed the giant statue his Royal Excessively Highness was constructing at the expense of their neighborhood. Flathead's men were told to memorize the last line of the popular Zorkian anthem, You Ain't Nothin' But a Hellhound. This signal would distinguish Flathead's undercover men from the local marauders. But -- everyone forgets a code now and then -- and when it came right down to swordpoint -- who knows the last line to that song, anyways? With his men stammering You ain't nothin' but a Hellhound, which is the first line, rather than, You ain't no friend of mine, which is indeed the last, Lord Dimwit lost three thousand of his best men, and vowed to make Elvis Flathead required listening for his troops in the future.

The Joy of Encryption

* The statue was built in Fublio Valley, not the FRV. Furthermore, the whole story is a colorful anachronism. Lord Dimwit Flathead died in 789, long before Elvis Flathead's debut in 841. It's like saying the French peasantry stormed the Bastille to the tune of Jailhouse Rock. Let us charitably say the story is apocryphal.

Zork Nemesis
789 Ralph Waldo Flathead:
  • Sonnet #87,177 Ode to a Tiny Moist Avocado Pit
  • Sonnet #87,178 Ode to Another Tiny Moist Avocado Pit
  • Sonnet #87,179 Ode to Two Tiny Moist Avocado Pits
  • Sonnet #87,180 Ode to Two Still-Tiny-But-Less-Moist Avocado Pits
Zork Zero calendar
< 14 Mum Excessively large 9-bloit statue of Lord Dimwit Flathead completed in Fublio Valley. Zork Zero
14 Mum Lord Dimwit Flathead the Excessive proposes another tax increase.

There's not enough in the royal treasury to build my new continent, Lord Feepness? Then we'll increase the tax levy! It's only 98%! That still leaves two percent!

Zork Zero
Curse Day: Megaboz the Magnificent curses Lord Dimwit Flathead. Dimwit dies mysteriously. Loowit Flathead ascends.
Zork Zero
Rest of Twelve Flatheads die:
  • John D. Flathead disappears touring Frobozz Magic Snowmaking Co. in Gray Mountains.
  • Stonewall Flathead shot by own man in Battle of Ragweed Gulch.
  • Johann Sebastian Flathead dies rehearsing Minuet for Violin and Volcano.
  • J. Pierpont Flathead enters vault, never seen again.
  • Thomas Alva Flathead dies from severe case of splinters.
  • Leonardo Flathead falls in vat of molten granola while working on statue for harbor of Antharia.
  • Lucrezia Flathead dies, perhaps self-induced.
  • Ralph Waldo Flathead dies of overdose of avocados.
  • John Paul Flathead killed by his nemesis, great white jellyfish.
  • Frank Lloyd Flathead dies from carcinogenic blueprint chemicals.
  • Babe Flathead dies during shark-wrestling semifinals at Flathead Stadium.
Zork Zero calendar
The last company not controlled by FrobozzCo, a small rutabaga farm in Mithicus, finally sells out. John D. Flathead doesn't live to hear the news. Zork Zero calendar

Spellbound and United Thaumaturgy formed.

* Assume they are formed after FrobozzCo controls all commerce everywhere.

Zork II travel guide

Belboz begins apprenticeship in the Accardi Guild of Enchanters.

* 820 GUE - 30 = 790 GUE

Sorcerer magazine
< 800 Membership in various Enchanters Guilds exceeds 2000. Enchanter history
804 Boswell Barwell: The Lives of the Twelve Flatheads Zork I history,
Zork Zero
> ~806 Lucy Flathead, daughter of Lucille Flathead, born. ZGI chronologue
811 Rose Riots. Beyond Zork lore
813 Duncwit Flathead succeeds Loowit Flathead. Zork I history

Frobozz Magic Month Co. buys Fidooshiary, renames it FrobuaryTR.

Now that they've run out of companies to buy, it seems they're finding more abstract things to own.

Zork Zero calendar
Fanucci Casino Rebuilding Act of 817 passed, setting certain house rules. Zork Zero

Frob DayTR becomes a traderune of Frobozz Magic Day Co.

* Assume they buy it at about the same time as Frobozz Magic Month Co. buys Fidooshiary, though it could be any time in 668-883.

Zork Zero calendar
820 Belboz becomes full-fledged Enchanter, after 30-year apprenticeship in the Accardi Guild. Sorcerer magazine

Elvis Flathead probably born around now.

* Speculation based on first concert date.

Zork I history (unofficial)
820-845 Belboz travels to Gurth and Mithicus, where he pioneers research on anticaking additives to magic potions. Sorcerer magazine
Belboz perfects dozens of spells, notably
  lobal spell (sharpen hearing) and
  conbak spell (build strong bodies 12 different ways),
bringing him interprovincial fame.
Sorcerer magazine
821 The historian Ozmar writes:

The greatest irony is this: that the ancients of our kind were nearer to knowing the truth about Science than those who called themselves Scientists. Science has taught us much and given us new words for old mysteries. But beneath these words are mysteries, and beneath them more mysteries. The pursuit of Magic has given these mysteries meaning and provided for our people great benefits unrealized as yet by Science. One day, perhaps, a great union will be formed between Magic and Science, and the final mysteries will be solved.

Enchanter history
833 Sus 143rd annual Double Fanucci Championship closes without a confirmed winner, a pattern which will continue for at least the next 72 years. NZT 5.3
841 Elvis Flathead's first concert introduces rock music (produced by banging rocks) to the GUE. Zork I history
Berknip the Necromancer reborn. Spellbreaker card
841-883 Michael Flathead leaves the Flathead Five. Zork Zero
841-951 Sgt. Duffy's Lonely Hearts Club Band: I Get By With a Little Hint From My Friends, Sandy Cave NZT 4.2
Later additions to the rock music scene:
  • Men at Zork: Down Under
  • Billy Troll
  • Jefferson Bucket (later renamed Jefferson Balloon)
  • Pink Floyd
NZT 4.2
843 Barbawit Flathead succeeds his father, Duncwit Flathead. Zork I history,
Zork Nemesis strategy guide
Thwack of Mareilon classifies Moss of Mareilon. Beyond Zork lore

1st Convention of Enchanters and Sorcerers (CES)

* The 115th annual convention is in 957.

Sorcerer magazine

Idwit Oogle Flathead succeeds his brother, Barbawit Flathead.

* After only 2 years! I wonder what befell Barbawit.

Zork I history,
Zork Nemesis strategy guide

Belboz advances to Sorcerer after a mere 25 years.

* 820 GUE + 25 = 845 GUE

Sorcerer magazine

Barsap's first performance before royalty.

* Idwit Oogle Flathead probably spent lots on entertainment.

Spellbreaker card
865 16 Est

Granola Riots.

The granola mines in northern Antharia once supplied seemingly limitless quantities of granola. Since the Granola Riots of 865 GUE, the causes of which are well known, the output of the mines has fallen sharply.

Encyclopedia Frobozzica, 882 GUE

* Labor dispute? Food shortage? Irate consumers? Granola tax backlash? We may never know, since the causes are so well known, nobody considers them noteworthy enough to write down.

Zork Zero,
ZGI chronologue
871 Beach Blanket Fanucci filmed at Flathead Beach in Greater Borphee. Zork II travel guide
873 Lester Foozilbarmumboz: G.U.E. On Nine Zorkmids a Day: A Traveller's Guide to the Great Underground Empire (Frobozz Magic Book Company) Zork II travel guide

A wizard enamels the shell of an enormous turtle with all the colors of the rainbow.

* Enchanter: How do you like my shell? A wizard did that to me about 75 years ago.

* According to the Ruffini Encyclopedia Frobozzica, this turtle was once Mumbo II's pet, meaning it is a very, very, very ancient turtle.

875 Barsap appointed Royal Magician. Spellbreaker card
C. Barajas: Alchemy of Pure Love (Vast Wasteland Press) Zork Nemesis
878 Ursula Flathead named Miss Miznia. Zork Zero
880 29 Mum Rockville Estates blueprints drawn up by S. Fzortbar. Zork Zero
Gustar Woomax born in Greater Borphee. Spellbreaker card
881 Wurb Flathead succeeds his father, Idwit Oogle Flathead. Bloit basis changes to Wurb's elephant. Zork I history,
Zork Nemesis strategy guide
spring Occupancy of Rockville Estates to begin. Zork Zero
882 Miznia Jungle Skyway opens, replacing the perilous Miznia Jungle Train. Beyond Zork
< 883

William Randolph Citizen Flathead becomes publishing giant.

* Perhaps involved with U.S. News & Dungeon Report or Frobozz Magic ... Publishing Co.?

Zork Zero (sled)
Abraham Flathead becomes a famous statesman. Zork Zero calendar

St. Balhu, St. Bovus, St. Quakko, and St. Wiskus each gain sainthood.

* Note that if you look up St. Bovus in the Encyclopedia Frobozzica, you will get the entry for St. Wiskus, and vice versa.

Zork Zero
The Fallen Empire
883 < 22 Arc? Royal Guards no longer posted at Royal Museum. Zork I
Inquisition tries to forestall Curse. Zork Zero
14 Mum Great Underground Empire falls. Zork I history,
Zork Zero
Bottomless pits filled, grues lurk forth again. Zork Zero
Otto eats the Four Fantastic Flies of Famathria. Zork Zero
Zilbeetha returned to groom. Zork Zero
Flatheadia is reduced to a simple white house as a warning and reminder of the excesses of the Flatheads. Zork Zero
Megaboz charges a peasant who came the closest to halting the Curse with the task of watching over the land and ensuring that a future Empire be benevolent. The peasant is given the title Dungeon Master and rewarded with magical abilities and half the wealth of the kingdom. Zork Zero, ZGI chronologue

Belboz, who predicted the fall, says I told you so.

* Maybe the vezza spell (view the future) was one of the ones he perfected. :-)

Sorcerer magazine
General Syovar, an arrogant nobleman, uses his big army and lots of magical powers to declare himself King of Zork. ZGI chronologue
The Enchanters Guilds of the westlands, freed from the tyrannical rule of the Flathead dynasty, use their power to persecute and destroy the rebellious alchemists who study forbidden magic. The remaining alchemists flee to the remote provinces of the eastlands. Zork Nemesis strategy guide

Krill banished from Accardi Circle of Enchanters.

* Krill's initial reign of terror was probably after the fall of the Empire in 883. Belboz the Sorcerer may have participated in banishing him (before or after he became Guildmaster in 910).

895 19 Jam Erasmus Sartorius, son of Dr. Lewis Sartorius, born in Frostham. Zork Nemesis journal
659-896 Jezbar Foolion: The New Year's Revolt Zork I history
< 896 Lorissa Frob: Wouldn't It Be Fun To Live Underground? Zork I history
Harv Dornfrob: The Seventy Year Snidgel Zork I history
883-896 Uncle Frobizzmus: So You Want To Sack an Empire Zork I history
Sybar Zeebin: The Dark Age of Frobozz Zork I history
896 Froboz Mumbar: The Great Underground Empire: A History (Frobozz Magic Book Company) Zork I history
899 6 Jel Thaddeus Kaine born in Aragain. Zork Nemesis journal
900 10 Ora Francois Malveaux born in Port Foozle. Zork Nemesis journal
14 Mum Zoe Wolfe born in Frostham. Zork Nemesis
902 Forburn the Wily wins first spell book from GUE Tech student in Fanucci match. Spellbreaker card
904 Sus 214th annual Double Fanucci Championship ends in draw between:
  • Veldran of Aragain (N)
  • BoBo the Somewhat Misguided (U)
  • Hobart the Unmerciful (SW)
  • Snuffie (E)

making the 72nd year in a row the tournament closed without a confirmed winner, according to Kob on Double Fanucci, Borphee Digest, vol. MMCXXI, p. 879.

NZT 5.3
14 Mum Sophia Hamilton born in Aragain. Zork Nemesis journal

Gustar Woomax enrolls in GUE Tech.

* He'd be age 17.

Spellbreaker card
910 At age of 153, Belboz becomes Guildmaster of Accardi Circle of Enchanters. Sorcerer magazine
911 Gustar Woomax leaves GUE Tech. Spellbreaker card
914 11 Ott Erasmus Sartorius expelled from Galepath U. for name calling. Zork Nemesis
915 23 Jam Erasmus Sartorius graduates from Antharia U. with a degree in Home Thaumaturgy and Science. Zork Nemesis
917 16 Fro Dalboz of Gurth born. ZGI (ID card)

Thaddeus Kaine marries Lady Elizabeth Kaine, becoming Liege of her family's ancestral home, Castle Irondune.

* Assume age >~18.

Zork Nemesis journal

2nd Lt. Colonel Kaine ends barbarian rebellion at Battle of Flood Control Dam #3.

* Assume age >~18.

Zork Nemesis journal
< ~918 As a hopeful GUE Tech student, Frobar perfects a spell, feeyuk. However, Snaboz steals his thunder by perfecting the izyuk spell, so Frobar never tries to publish it.

* Assume Frobar does a 30-year apprenticeship before becoming a full-fledged Enchanter.

SpiritWrak (unofficial)
913 Lord Syovar creates the hit television series The Z-Team to highlight his military career. The series propels Antharia Jack to stardom. ZGI chronologue
914 After one and a half seasons, The Z-Team goes off the air due to creative conflicts with the creator. Antharia Jack turns to dinner theater, performing The Tragedy of King MacFlat. ZGI chronologue
914-931 Antharia Jack opens his own bar in Port Foozle and runs up huge gambling debts. ZGI chronologue
< 922 Due to his poor grades, underachiever Francois Malveaux's parents send him to Steppinthrax Monastery to become a monk. Zork Nemesis strategy guide
918 7 Jam Erasmus Sartorius graduates from GUE Tech as Doctor of Enchantment. Zork Nemesis
< 919 Dr. Lewis Sartorius: The Blood Alchemist (New Zork Press) Zork Nemesis
919 7 Mag Dr. Sartorius' journal:

Magic no longer interests me. The Enchanters Guild now seems concerned only with power and money. Alchemy, the chance to solve the Great Mystery of the universe, is all I can think of now. There is so much suffering, so much pain and death. My father's science leaves much work to be done; but I will find the Philosopher's Stone and prove his name within the mocking circles of Science.

Zork Nemesis
919-945 Dr. Sartorius becomes Chief of Staff of the Gray Mountains Asylum. Zork Nemesis
920 10 Ora Lucien Kaine born at Castle Irondune. Zork Nemesis
920-924 Lucien Kaine hospitalized on three occasions for Chronic Respiratory Stitial Virus. Zork Nemesis
922 7 Mag Dr. Sartorius cannot treat Father Malveaux's affliction.

mage [sic] 7, 922

Dear Father,

I have investigated all the texts I can and researched extensively your disease. There is no known treatment.


Zork Nemesis
15 Dis Dr. Sartorius hints about his research to Father Malveaux.

Dismembur 15, 922

Dear Father,

You must accept the death that will come- for all of us- someday. Perhaps your would like to be included in my experimental work- there are certain risks of course.


Zork Nemesis
923 5 Aug Father Malveaux agrees to Dr. Sartorius' experiments.

Augur 5, 923

Dear good doctor,

I find myself getting weaker and I find I have strange fevers which leave me sweating profusely. At nights, I burn as if on fire. I thought I would be ready for death. I have spent my life preparing for the afterlife. But in my heart I am not prepared. I am ready to do experiments, risky as they may be. My mind is open.

Yours truly,

F. Malveaux

Zork Nemesis
7 Mum General Kaine knighted by Vice Regent Syovar.

General Granted Knighthood

General Thaddeus Kaine, of the Desert River Province, Granted Knighthood, Mumberbur 7, 923

Free Press corp.

Thaddeus Kaine, of Desert River Province, famous for his battle against the barbarian hordes, was granted Knighthood today. In an elaborate ceremony at Syovar's palatial estate in Aragain, Syovar anointed Thaddeus Kaine to the applause of various well-wishers, including Sophia Hamilton of the Desert River Branch Conservatory and Francois Malveaux, noted author of the Brogmoid Fallacies. In the name of the rightful and unified Kingdom of Zork, Syovar thanked General Kaine for his struggle to defeat the barbarian and trollish hordes that have been recently threatening the Kingdom.

* Odd place for the date. Couldn't Activision get the date up at the top of the clipping?

Zork Nemesis
923-924 7 Mum-20 Est

General Thaddeus Kaine founds Zork Musical Academy for Girls at Frigid River Branch Conservatory. Sophia Hamilton leaves Desert River Branch Conservatory to become Headmistress.

* Sophia is with the Desert River Branch when Kaine is knighted according to the news clipping. Father Malveaux refers to her as Madame Sophia of the Frigid River Branch Conservatory on 20 Estuary 924.

If Desert River is not simply a misprint, Kaine founded the Musical Academy for his young mistress in the intervening 2 months.

Zork Nemesis
924 20 Est Father Malveaux has approached Madame Sophia about Dr. Sartorius' alchemical research.

Estuary 20, 924

Thank you doctor. You are truly a misunderstood genius. For the first time in many months I have hope of a life without pain. Knowing our need for further apprentices, I spoke to Madame Sophia of the Frigid River Branch Conservatory, I believe she is the perfect person to assist us in our quest.


Zork Nemesis
12 Fro Madame Sophia is recruited.

Frobuary 12, 924

Dear Sophia,

Dr. Sartorius is a brilliant man. This experiment will be the biggest breakthrough since the beginning of Zork. If you are still interested, make your way to the Temple of Agrippa. But- take great care, and do not speak of it. There are those who misunderstand Alchemy - those who would kill for our secrets, in their search for gold.

Father Malveaux

Zork Nemesis
19 Mag Lord Ellron declares war on General Kaine over border regions between former Aragain and Desert River provinces. Kaine creates Thaddium, or so rumor has it.

Kaine and Ellron: Dispute turns to War!

Fight erupts over Border regions lying between Former Aragain and Desert River Province. Mage 20, 924

Free Press corp.

The ever-increasing tensions between Lord Ellron and Sir General Kaine reached their height yesterday evening, when Lord Ellron declared war on General Kaine. The fight has become even more critical because of Kaine's rumored creation of Thaddium, the lethal zirratiated ore. Ellron, now aligned with the powerful and political Enchanters Guilds of the Westlands has been rumored to have purchased a lethal scroll from Wizard Bilboz. The results of this never-ending feud should have a major impact on Syovar and whether his Empire is able to expand and unite the entire Zork lands.

* Odd place for the date. Couldn't Activision get the date up at the top of the clipping?

Zork Nemesis
2 Aug

Dr. Sartorius tells Father Malveaux they need to recruit two others.

Augur 2, 924

Dear Father,

I am encouraged by your zeal in finding the quintessence. I do not mean to be discouraging but alchemists have searched for ages for the philosophers stone. I have come to see that the quint essentia cannot be created by one person.

There are four elements we must master, and four elements we must purify. Much as we have found each other, we must search out two others who have the will and courage to take on this study.


* Father Malveaux already recruited Madame Sophia and wrote Dr. Sartorius about it.

Zork Nemesis
20 Mum Madame Sophia has introduced General Kaine to Dr. Sartorius.

Mumberbur 20, 924


Dr. Sartorius is a strange but fascinating man. As you know I am not prone to dabbling into strange, self-indulgent philosophies- or womanish New Age experiments- but there is something to the man, of that there can be no doubt.

And still I wonder-- might the Doctor's way be the only way of securing power in this perpetually unstable world? I could have great use for him-- and his philosopher's stone--in my campaign against the Enchanters. I cannot hold them back much longer.

Say nothing-- I will write you of this further.


Zork Nemesis
924-945 The Joy of Encryption published. Zork Nemesis
925 29 Est Vice Regent Syovar is losing control of the westlands to Lord Ellron's alliance.

Estuary 29, 925

The Enchanters' Guild has formed a coalition and I am losing control of the Westlands. Lord Ellron is under their control. I can no longer rely on the magic of the scroll.


Zork Nemesis
7 Arc Vice Regent Syovar subsidizes General Kaine's Thaddium research.

Arch 7, 925

General Kaine:

I have been made aware of the presence of Thaddium in your vicinity and of a particular invention which may assist me in my battles. Whatever you require to fund your experiment, I will gladly provide.

-Syovar, Viceregent and General of the Royal Quendorian Army

Zork Nemesis
15 Mag The Enchanters Guild sends an ultimatum to Dr. Sartorius.

Mage 15, 925

Dr. Sartorius,

It has been called to our attention that you have been practicing unorthodox and unauthorized magic. As you know, it is in violation of Magic Code #6547 for a non-guild member to engage in any magical practice. Cease and Desist or we will file for Fudgunctive Relief.

-The Enchanters Guild

Zork Nemesis
15 Mag Dr. Sartorius arranges the baby's delivery to Father Malveaux.

Dear Malveaux,

As we discussed, I will bring her to you one week after birth. Do not underestimate the importance of your task. Her spiritual progress and the purification of her soul are essential to the process. She will be a gift to mankind.

Dr. Sartorius

Zork Nemesis
Father Malveaux gets permission to raise Alexandria Wolfe at Steppinthrax Monastery.

Father Malveaux,

I was much moved by your tale of the orphan child. As a result, in a spirit of good will, I have agreed to grant your request. You may take this baby and raise her until she reaches maturity.

Yoruk be with you,

The Grand inquisitor

Zork Nemesis
925-945 Thaddeus Research Facility #2 blows up, destroying Stonehead.

Hundreds Dead in Thaddium Explosion!

Free Press corp.

In a blast of heat and fury, Thaddeus Research Facility number 2 disappeared this morning taking much of the idyllic village of Stonehead with it. Company officials continue to deny any connection between the company and the blast, saying, as you know, it's been several centuries since we sacrificed a virgin to the fire-gods. We were due for this one. Critics, on the other hand, point to the smoking remnants of Facility Number One and the strange mineral thaddium, which eyewitnesses claim to have seen smuggled in under the cover of night.

Zork Nemesis
927 Gustar Woomax: A Brief History of Magic (Popular Enchanting) Enchanter history
2 Sus Barbel of Gurth invents golmac spell (travel temporally).

* He went down in history, literally. The date appears on the 883 calendar.

Spellbreaker card,
Zork Zero calendar
929 16 Jam Madame Sophia writes to General Kaine about the war.

Jam 16, 929

Darling Thaddeus,

Crushed the barbarian hordes and even the grand Syovar seems content! Congratulations on your recent victories; but take heed upon your return. The battle is far from over.

In your absence, Ellron has discovered a powerful scroll and I am scared. We are deep into the Great Work. If they learn of our secrets, the Enchanters' Guild, and others, will surely kill us.


* Five years ago, the newspapers reported that Ellron was rumored to have bought a lethal scroll from Bilboz. Perhaps the rumors were false, and he didn't get his scroll until now.

* General Kaine finally finished the barbarian hordes that he was knighted for battling 6 years ago.

Zork Nemesis
930 16 Ott Madame Sophia writes love letter to General Kaine. Zork Nemesis

One of the Cubes of Foundation falls briefly into Antharia Jack's hands.

* Then it seems to take a sudden detour into the future, bypassing its appearance at the Treasury by 966.

ZGI chronologue
Antharia Jack sells his bar to cover his gambling debts. ZGI chronologue
933 Barbel of Gurth becomes head of Gurth City chapter of Enchanters Guild. Spellbreaker card
935 18 Est Madame Sophia saves a seat for Alexandria in the conservatory.

Estuary 18, 935

Dearest Malveaux,

I am delighted by Alexandria's progress. I think that your use of puzzles to sharpen her mind and spirit is working beautifully. And already I can see promise in her music. I will be saving a seat for her in the conservatory.

Yours truly,


Zork Nemesis
< 14 Aug Battle of Flood Control Dam #678 between Ellron and General Kaine. Zork Nemesis
14 Aug General Kaine writes to Madame Sophia of the battle of FCD#678.

Augur 14, 935


It is rainy and grim here. The fields are muddy and littered with corpses. I am tired of all this. All I want in the world is to return to my castle. The battle at Flood Control Dam number 678 was more brutal than expected. Ellron, backed by the Enchanters, has discovered some magical scroll which causes weapons to turn to fudge. It is disheartening and sticky.

Liz wrote that she is considering spending the fall at her mother's villa in Antharia. Say the word and I will further convince her to make the retreat to the restorative island clime. For her health, you know-- and for mine.


Zork Nemesis
937 15 Ott

Father Malveaux sends Alexandria to Madame Sophia.

Ottobur 15, 937

Dear Sophia -

The time has come. I think you will be proud of me when you see her. She is a charming, brilliant child-- and I have grown to care for little Alexandria as if her parenting were my only office.

Her music is unschooled, but I hear in it- somewhere- the harmony of the spheres. It is there for you to distill. I expect much work, and great things, from the both of you.



Zork Nemesis
939 16 Est Alexandria Wolfe's first concert: Air on a Grue Spring, by Johann Sebastian Flathead Zork Nemesis
940 20 Mag Alexandria Wolfe: Concerto for Violin and Frobophone Zork Nemesis
14 Mum General Kaine writes to Madame Sophia about a fight with his wife.

Mumberbur 14, 940


And so the holidays pass, and still, we are nowhere near each other. Liz and I are fighting again, which does dampen the festivities somewhat. It's not that she questions my formal loyalties to her and my family-- she knows I will never leave her-- but I suppose I can hardly blame her if she feels my heart is no better than any. How I hate to discuss these matters-- as if I were a gossiping girl. I live where I live, and I love whom I love. Praise Yoruk- that is all there is to say on the subject -


Zork Nemesis
942 3 Aug Alexandria writes to Father Malveaux of her loneliness.

Augur 3, 942

Dear father,

I miss you. Madame Sophia seems to be paying much attention to me. She believes that in my soul, I possess the very power of music, and with practice, I will find the precious notes which are the Harmony of the Spheres. I'm not so sure. Everyone believes my music is strange. Do you think me strange? I know I am lonely.

Always missing you,


Zork Nemesis
943 15 Ora Alexandria Wolfe: Harmony of the Spheres. Lucien Kaine is the only audience member to applaud. Zork Nemesis
1 Mag Alexandria joyfully writes to Father Malveaux about meeting Lucien.

Mage 1, 943

Dear father,

I've met someone and for the first time in months I feel optimistic. His name is Lucien Kaine, and he is the one person who seems to understand my music. when around him, I don't have to apologize for who I am or what I believe. I've finally found my kindred spirit, as you always promised I would.

Be happy for me!

your Alexandria

Zork Nemesis
2 Jam General Kaine writes to Madame Sophia about Lucien's paranoia.

Jam 2, 943


You say I seem wrathful- Aye, that and far beyond- I am close to giving up on my son. Lately, Lucien has become suspicious-- nearly paranoid-- searching my room, pilfering my private papers. I am at a loss. He is in love with that girl-- your precious prodigy, I know-- and nothing I say will stop him. You say to be forceful- and I try- but he is my only son. It is hard for me to deny him that which he wants most. So, what then?


Zork Nemesis
2 Mum Madame Sophia writes to General Kaine about Ellron's alliance.

Mumberbur 2, 943


I read about Ellron and his alliance with The Enchanter's Guild, and I wept for you. These are dangerous times, and I will not sleep until all those who mean you harm are put to eternal rest. But I take heart, knowing that we are deciphering more secrets of this magical science with each new day.

Soon, love, we will not worry about power ...


* Newspapers reported Ellron's alliance with the Enchanters Guild in 924, almost 20 years ago, and she's reading about it now? Perhaps it is in the news again for some reason.

Zork Nemesis
~944 Father Malveaux, exploring the catacombs beneath Steppinthrax Monastery, discovers the journal of Saint Yoruk. From this, he writes Revelation and Eternity. The book becomes a bestseller, causing a resurgence of interest in Zorkastrianism. Zork Nemesis strategy guide
Father Malveaux ordained Bishop of Zork at Steppinthrax Monastery on the strength of Revelation and Eternity. Zork Nemesis
944 2 Arc Bishop Malveaux warns Madame Sophia about Lucien's interest in Alexandria.

Arch 2, 944

Dearest Madame,

I have much unsettling news. It has come to my attention that Lucien Kaine, with his troubled, rebellious spirit- and his strange disposition- has been bothering Alexandria. Under your own roof, Madame! I fear she knows little of the ways of men- who are not monks, that is.

Please - you should know better than I - Alexandria needs to study and perfect her art.

Father Malveaux

Zork Nemesis
22 Ora Madame Sophia Hamilton performs Coronation Recital at Frigid River Conservatory, accompanied by Alexandria Wolfe. Bishop Francois Malveaux lectures during intermission, excerpting his celebrated Revelation and Eternity. Zork Nemesis
Lucien writes to Alexandria about his father wanting him to join the fight against Ellron.


My father wants me to join his army in their fight against the Enchanter's Guild and Ellron. He's been our nemesis for so long, I feel I know him intimately. Magic, power and politics, When did they get so complicated and corrupt?

My father says he fights in the name of honor and truth. No truth I know of. Medicine, Education, Law and Religion: they mean nothing to me. My only truth is you and your music.


Zork Nemesis
5 Mag General Kaine drafts his son Lucien into the Desert River Regiment. Zork Nemesis
Madame Sophia asks Bishop Malveaux to break up Alexandria and Lucien.


Our plans may be falling apart. Alexandria has, I believe, fallen in love with Lucien; you remember, Kaine's son. Nothing we do seems to have any impact on them; as if they were under some strange spell. You must put a stop to it. She has come so far with her music. Act quickly, or it will all have been for nothing ...


Zork Nemesis
1 Sus Bishop Malveaux tries to placate Alexandria.

Suspendur 1, 944

My dear girl,

Please do not be upset. Madame Sophia wants only the best for you. You will always be my child, my only family. But you must always remember that you are one of those people for whom life has chosen a special destiny. We all believe in your magical talent. Be pure of heart and spirit, and I shall always be

Your loving father

Zork Nemesis
12 Dis Lucien asks Alexandria to run away with him.

Dismembur 12, 944


There is something going on with my father. I thought it was something to do with Thaddium and his battles with Ellron. Now I suspect it is far more dangerous than that. He says little of his latest invention, only that it involves pure lead- and it is very dangerous. My father would not harm us, but I fear he cannot save us either.

You once said you wanted to explore the Empire, voyage across the Great Sea. Come with me.


* Since this takes place after his draft, he must intend to desert.

Zork Nemesis
Brother Joseph shows Rod of the Ancients to Brother Toolbox of the Order of Balance near Frostham. SpiritWrak (unofficial)
~944 Brother Toolbox leaves the Order of Balance to seek greater spiritual guidance in Thriff.

* Assume he leaves before the screams and stenches of Nemesis's hauntings in 945, since he doesn't mention anything of interest in his journal. However, it would be an excellent motivation to leave the soon-to-be Forbidden Lands.

SpiritWrak (unofficial)
732-~945 R. Fludd: On Music And Perfection (Znopf Publishing) Zork Nemesis
770-~945 Dr. Curl Zaygan: Astronomy for a New Age: The Brogmoid Fallacy, Or Why The Earth Is Not Flat After All Zork Nemesis
883-~945 Andrew Zilber: Interview with a Grue Zork Nemesis
< 945 The New Blood Alchemists: Reaching Beyond the Fifth Essence Zork Nemesis
The Musings on the Power of Melody (Barajas Books) Zork Nemesis
Path to Musical Perfection (Shyman and Suster) Zork Nemesis
945 22 Mag Alexandria asks Bishop Malveaux to marry her to Lucien.

Mage 22, 945


There is something strange going on and I have to get out of here. Lucien wants to marry me. We will come to you at the next full moon. Marry us and give us your blessing for the future. I know your concern for purity of the spirit but remember, not all of us are destined to marry Yoruk and live in a Monastery.


Zork Nemesis
Alexandria agrees to elope with Lucien.


You are right. Something is going on. We must leave. I wrote Father, telling him everything and asking him to marry us. Father will miss me, but he will understand. We will escape to the Westlands. I'm not frightened, Lucien; I know everything will be all right, if I am with you. Does that sound childish? I've never felt more a woman-- and I am, as always,

your Alexandria

Zork Nemesis
S.J.M.'s son foretells great evil for Dr. Sartorius.

Good Doctor,

Since your cure, my son has kept something of his Magic Eye. He still sees things that cannot be seen, and for a fortnight he has wept for you day and night. He begged me to write you a warning.

There is a great evil waiting for you. You will soon be dead, he cries, the Asylum destroyed, your great work unfinished. He fears powers have been disturbed, and the innocent will pay. Good luck, Doctor. May Yoruk be with you.


Zork Nemesis
17 Jam Madame Sophia tells Dr. Sartorius they must move now.

Jam 17, 945

Dr. Sartorius;

I understand you are still perfecting the science of the ritual, but we must act now; if we do not, the quintessence will slip through our fingers. I know he has threatened even you, haunting the asylum. Our work must be completed at the Temple of the Ancients. Write and I will arrange to meet you there.

Soon, Doctor.


Zork Nemesis
Dr. Sartorius agrees with Madame Sophia, and calls the cabal to the Temple.

Madame Sophia,

You are right- we cannot wait any longer. We must take a risk. Meet me at the Temple of Agrippa. I will summon the others. What has begun must take its course. It is our only chance- before we are destroyed-


Zork Nemesis
1 Aug Alexandria Wolfe performs Descent of Yoruk into Hell. Zork Nemesis
The Great Eclipse. Alexandria is sacrificed. Lucien becomes Nemesis. Everyone at the Temple of Agrippa dies. Zork Nemesis
Nemesis terrorizes the Forbidden Lands. L. Karlok Bivotar later writes:

Of the hauntings and hallucination, this much I can piece together. The Gray Mountains slipped into oblivion first, the inhabitants of Frostham complaining of horrible screams and an inescapable stench that pervaded the area. Reports came from the Desert River next. Merchants and trading caravans that still moved through areas untouched by the war began to report nightmares and visions so powerful that they lingered for weeks in the minds of the victims. Soon the entire sky over that area became covered with distorted faces and figures, prompting Syovar to consider forbidding all access to these desolate provinces. Most of the refugees managed to make it out in time. Those who didn't are now dead or, from what I have witnessed thus far, wish they were.

Zork Nemesis
Prompted by the hauntings, Vice Regent Syovar declares the eastland regions outside his control (the Desert River and Gray Mountains provinces) to be Forbidden Lands. Zork Nemesis
31 Dis

Nemesis' voice diary:

“Last day of the Year of the Misuse

I've hidden the sources of their powers away from their control. Without them, they are unable to hold back the very elements they used to keep dominion over.”

* Year of the Misuse is probably the year of the Great Eclipse. The sequence of the first three voice disks seems to be reversed; they make more sense in the order 3-2-1-4-5-6.

Zork Nemesis (third voice disk)

Nemesis' voice diary:

I live every day with the reminder of the horror I have inflicted on the others. Their crimes were great, and I had to be judge, jury and executioner. Yet, they do not succumb to my torture. Sartorius seems the weakest, but even that bastard will not break his silence.

Zork Nemesis (second voice disk)
3 Fro

Nemesis' voice diary:

I tried to contact Dr. Vexing about the meaning of the alchemy plate symbols. He told me that all symbols have meanings in alchemy, and that everyone is controlled by the orientations of these symbols. He could not, however, tell me more of use. The man is nearly deaf and blind, a condition that I feel describes perfectly my search for answers.

* This disk seems to follow the third disk chrolonologically, since if it were during the same year, FrobuaryTR 3 would be before the Great Eclipse and Nemesis. Since Dr. Sartorius has now broken his silence, the first disk also seems to follow the second disk chronologically.

Zork Nemesis (first voice disk)

Nemesis' voice diary:

I've learned of four key steps used in Alchemy: Sublimation, distillation, calcification, and coagulation. Still, I know there is more to be found. Something is missing, some vital step.

Zork Nemesis (fourth voice disk)

Nemesis' voice diary:

The fortune is nearly gone. I am going in search of answers elsewhere. Rumors speak of riches beyond the hills.

Zork Nemesis (fifth voice disk)

Nemesis' voice diary:

I have discovered a vast subterranean land filled with magic and mysteries. However, I haven't found any creature knowledgeable in the black arts. A wizard may be somewhere underground, but I have yet to find him. Other treasure hunters have discovered the ruins, and I've had to kill them to protect my belongings.

* A remnant of a subplot edited out of Zork Nemesis. In the original plot, Nemesis became the thief slain by the famous adventurer in Zork I. The second Dungeon Master, guilty over killing the thief in self-defense, then sends an adventurer to the Forbidden Lands to undo this deed.

Zork Nemesis (sixth voice disk)
945-949 The Best of The New Zorker (Scoffman Publishing) Zork Nemesis
947 33 Sus John D. Flathead IX, Chairman of FrobozzCo, announces 2-for-1 stock split in letter to shareholders.

* If the date is correct, Suspendur seems to have at least 33 days some years, or perhaps this is a different region's leap week. (Too bad it's not FrobuaryTR, that would complicate things less.)

Zork III letter
17 Dis L. Karlok Bivotar, spy for Syovar the Strong, enters the Forbidden Lands. Zork Nemesis journal
948 5 Est L. Karlok Bivotar arrives at Irondune. Zork Nemesis journal
1 Fro FrobozzCo shareholder's meeting at Borphee Civic Center. John D. Flathead X to be nominated as next Chairman of the Board. Zork III letter
2 Fro L. Karlok Bivotar reaches Castle Irondune. Zork Nemesis journal
21 Fro Several old books from Festeron Library (which haven't been checked out for three decades), come due:
  • The Great Underground Empire: A History (896)
  • G.U.E. On Nine Zorkmids a Day (873)
  • FrobozzCo International Annual Report: 778 GUE

Was a certain famous adventurer doing background research for an upcoming journey?

Zork I history,
Zork II travel guide,
Zork III annual report
25 Fro L. Karlok Bivotar reaches Frigid River Conservatory. In Madame Sophia Hamilton's absence, it has fallen into disrepair. Zork Nemesis journal
< 2 Arc

In past months, L. Karlok Bivotar performed routine Surveillance Duty at 106th Convention of Enchanters and Sorcerers (CES).

While on his mission? Bivotar's been in the Forbidden Lands since Dismembur 947, and 947's convention was the 105th.

Zork Nemesis journal
21 Arc L. Karlok Bivotar investigates the Steppinthrax Zorkastrian Monastery. Zork Nemesis journal
22 Arc? World-famous adventurer recovers Twenty Treasures of Zork.

* If the Frobozz Magic Temporizer takes you to the same date of a different year, then the Zork trilogy takes place on the same date as the Royal Museum dedication.

Zork I
Newspapers report on the famous adventurer's exploration of the GUE.


Our correspondents report that a world-famous and battle-hardened adventurer has been seen in the vicinity of the Great Underground Empire. Local grues have been reported sharpening their (slavering) fangs. ...

U.S. News and Dungeon Report

Zork II
Famous adventurer saves princess from dragon.

* In what land is she an heir to the throne? Let's assume that it is one of the various regions of Quendor that have reasserted their own sovereignty after the fall of the Empire.

Zork II

Famous adventurer releases a demon who helps defeat the Wizard of Frobozz, for a price.

* In Zork II, you must defeat the wizard by having the demon slay him, or take away his magic wand. In Sorcerer, you can cast aimfiz to the Wizard. So according to canon, the adventurer had the demon take away the wizard's wand. However, the Ruffini Encyclopedia Frobozzica states the adventurer who would eventually become the second Dungeon Master ordered a demon to kill the Wizard. Nino didn't know there was a nonviolent solution.

Zork II
Grue convention held near the Shadowland. Zork III
Someone finally says hello to an old and crusty sailor (Odysseus?) in an ancient Viking ship. Zork III
Krill and his minions perform blood sacrifices at Largoneth. Zork III,
The first Dungeon Master appoints his successor. Zork III
17 Mag L. Karlok Bivotar finds the Gray Mountains Asylum ransacked and nearly abandoned.

* Bivotar spends the interening months traversing the central eastlands to go from the southern Forbidden Lands to the northern Forbidden Lands.

Zork Nemesis journal
29 Mag L. Karlok Bivotar hired a sherpa in Frostham to take him to the mountain where the Temple of Agrippa lies. He strikes out for the temple tomorrow.

... I ventured into Frostham, and tried to speak of this Temple. None would say that it existed-- but their haunted faces seemed to confirm what their words could not. I found my chance in the gleaming eyes of an old drunk, swilling cheap ale on the side of the road. He had a cousin, who knew a sherpa who needed the money and could take me part of the way. A few Zorkmids later, I found myself shivering on a pack horse, staring up at what appeared to be sheer cliffs of impenetrable rock.

Now, my guide tells me, I am on my own. I shall strike out for the temple tomorrow. I am certain that the end of my journey awaits me there ...

* Bivotar's journal strongly implies the Temple is on top of sheer cliffs in the hyperborean Gray Mountains, no more than three days out of Frostham.

The game, however, indicates that the Temple is in the south. The painting of the Futurelithic Epozz is Return to Zork's Valley of the Vultures. The hidden temple has a plaque that says Milo 735 Southern Highway.

(The map in the journal places the temple in the Desert River province, but I do not regard it as authoritative. On the map, the temple appears to be in a mountainless desert, Irondune is along the Frigid River, and FCD#7 is misprinted as FCD#3, which is not on the surface at all.)

Zork Nemesis journal
6 Mum

Nemesis' journal:

From their sarcophagi, they will tell me nothing: I have all but ripped their throats out, so that is to be expected. How many threats can you use upon the dead? It sickens me to live here, a Daemon trapped in a temple. But I must finish their work, and fuel my hate with the power of the Quintessence.

Zork Nemesis

The Skull of Yoruk comes into the possession of a gaggle of grues living beneath the legendary white house.

* In the game, Belboz says the skull was stolen by a pack of grues in 948. According to the Chronologue, the skull briefly came into the possession of a gaggle of grues in 950.

ZGI, ZGI chronologue
949 Queen Alexis abducts Morning-Star, replacing her with Alexis's own sightless daughter. She then burns down the peasant family's house, killing them and the true Princess.

Envy breedeth Evil: Queen Alexis caused the simple peasant home of Morning-Star to burn. The sleeping family perished, all but Morning-Star, who, being rescued by the Queen's design, became her daughter, sight restored by Prayer.

(The one true Princess, left behind to fill the vacant cradle, perished too, and never saw her mother.)

The Legend of Wishbringer

* Counting back 17 years.

Wishbringer library book
22 Fro

Nemesis' journal:

Now that I have stolen the four elements - Earth, Air, Fire, and Water - I have hidden them, in this unholy temple, where they will never be found. I cannot risk their discovery, and have employed a great number of deadly lively machinations to assure their seclusion. The last intruder, that meddling spy Bivotar, never made it past my Gallery, but at least he was able to take some time out to enjoy the paintings before I bludgeoned him.

However, in the Gallery, the flow of time is as circular as the room, and I made the mistake of killing him before he was ever actually born. I shall wait to see if he returns.

Zork Nemesis
15 Mag

Nemesis' journal:

It is more difficult to forge the four alchemical metals than I first thought. I have learned, through a painful process of trial and error, that it is not safe to keep the elements in their purified form. The four are not so stupid as they look; gaining access to their secret laboratories has been a labored process. I will go drag a hot poker down Malveaux' rotting belly and see if he cries out something helpful.

Zork Nemesis
25 Aug

Nemesis' journal:

I am tired of this game. I ransacked Sartorius' laboratory today, and while blood flowed down the halls, I made little progress in my quest for his tin. I am as impatient as that stupid spy who thought any fistful of dirt, any drop of water - a spark from his fine Accardian cigar, or a mouthful of his foul breath - would constitute an element. I must return to my work with elemental Air. As I rise up to my lab and pass the twinkling star field, the blue reminds me of blue skies, a more peaceable time. But I can remember little of my life before the evil descended. Before my bloody rebirth.

Zork Nemesis
Pilgrim uncovers the secrets of alchemy, removes the curse of the Nemesis on the Forbidden Lands, and reunites Lucien and Alexandria. Temple of Agrippa destroyed. Zork Nemesis,
ZGI chronologue
Steppinthrax Monastery has many interesting relics in its museum:
  • a first edition of The Presence of Incredibly Weird Stuff Going On by Bizboz

    * The Monastery's card misleadingly calls it First Edition: First Known Magic Spell. This was a seminal academic work about magic. Scrolls and spell books hadn't even been invented yet.

    Apologia: Well, perhaps it describes the first known magic spell. Or the brothers in the monastery don't know any better. Or perhaps it's a counterfeit relic, since whoever rendered the museum left off the first word in the title On the Presence of Incredibly Weird Stuff Going On.

  • ruby from Yoruk's shield
  • model of Oracle of Bargth (not to scale)
  • standard issue magic wand
  • zemdor scrolls
  • the Phee Hourglass
  • Crystal Ball, period of Moog

    If the Period of Moog means the time of the Triax, that will not take place until after Sorcerer.

  • sacred granola
  • Sheath of the [sic] Grueslayer

    * Since the Phee Hourglass and Sheath of Grueslayer appear in Beyond Zork, if these are real, they must somehow journey from the eastlands Monastery to the westlands Shoppes by 966.

  • Zork Shroud of Zylon

    * Zork Shroud of Zylon? He lived long before Zork. I think a Shroud of Berknip would have been a better choice.

  • Legendary Blade of King Entharion

    * Grueslayer, presumably--so why is it not displayed with its sheath? (It seems the graphic artist who drew the museum mistakenly thought the Grueslayer was a person, not a sword.)

  • Stick Frotzed by Vilboz the Great
  • the Jewel of Jerrimore

    * Could the cursed jewel be partly responsible for Father Malveaux's fall from grace?

  • replica- Yoruk shield
  • torch of the Endless Fire
  • globe of a Mythical Universe
  • magic scrolls of Bizboz

    * If these are the spell scrolls they appear to be, this is an anachronism. Davmar invented spell scrolls around 755. Bizboz committed suicide in 475.

    Apologia: Perhaps these are scrolls about magic in general, not spell scrolls.

Zork Nemesis
951 18 Sus U.S. News and Dungeon Report article Music From The Great Underground Empire NZT 4.2
952 Belboz the Necromancer pyrotechnically vanquishes the giant Amathradonis, who has terrorized Accardi-by-the-Sea for centuries. Sorcerer

Belboz the Necromancer becomes kingdomwide Secretary of the Guild of Enchanters, a post he holds for 2 or 3 terms.

* Sorcerer gives two conflicting numbers. 2 terms according to the Popular Enchanting article, 3 terms according to the Encyclopedia Frobizzica.


Krill plots to overthrow Circle of Enchanters and enslave that corner of the kingdom. A young novice Enchanter banishes Krill to another plane of existence.

* The original Ruffini Encyclopedia Frobozzica says Krill was banished in 952, between Zork III and Sorcerer.

Nino mistakenly concluded Enchanter must take place at or after 952 because Belboz leads the Circle of Enchanters, and Nino confused the year Belboz became head of the Circle (910) with the year he will become secretary of the entire Guild (952). When I pointed this out, he redacted his online edition of the encyclopedia to say that Krill was banished during the 940s.

However, the ZGI chronologue compounds the error by using Nino's original date of 952. So we will take the date as canon and make our apologies.

The 952 date causes some inconsistencies, because Enchanter appears to be contemporaneous with the Zork trilogy:

  1. In Zork III, you (as the Adventurer) can use the magic table to go to the Temple and be sacrificed by Krill.
  2. In Enchanter, you summon the Adventurer, he of the elvish sword of great antiquity.
  3. According to Nino, the Adventurer killed the Wizard of Frobozz in 948, but the Wizard of Frobozz is alive in Enchanter. (You can try to summon him.) The summoned Adventurer points at the portrait of the Wizard of Frobozz and says I've met him! The Wizard is still alive in Sorcerer as well, so this is another error.

When Marc Blank and Dave Lebling wrote Enchanter, I think they intended the Adventurer to be the famous Adventurer of Zork III or a hapless Zork III player. (The Imps only know how he gets back. I like to think he just typed RESTORE. :-))

Apologia: Since it would be odd for Enchanter's adventurer to be doing the same deeds the famous Adventurer completed four years ago, perhaps the magic mirrors reflect a reconstruction of that earlier time, and the young enchanter summons the image of that legendary hero.

ZGI chronologue
956 Frobozz Magic Grommet Company goes bankrupt.

* Assuming the Field Guide to the Creatures of Frobozz in the Sorcerer gray-box packaging is contemporary with the Popular Enchanting magazine.

Sorcerer field guide
957 Pranks and interchapter rivalry make the 115th Convention of Enchanters and Sorcerers (CES) in Antharia an unqualified disaster. Sorcerer magazine

Grim old Helistar is on her annual two-week vacation in the southlands, practicing sports (bullfighting, skydiving near the mountains of Gurth, scuba diving in the Sea of Mithicus).

* Beyond Zork's geography does not include a Sea of Mithicus.

Dull, unimaginative, hardworking Frobar the Enchanter takes the apprentices into town to shop for the Guild picnic. Sorcerer
Enchanter destroys Jeearr. Belboz the Necromancer retires, and the Enchanter succeeds Belboz as Guildmaster of the Accardi Guild of Enchanters. Sorcerer
Belboz the Necromancer turns 200 this same month. Sorcerer magazine
Popular Enchanting
  • Articles
    • Explosion of spell scroll manufacturers.

      In addition to the companies known to be previously established (FrobozzCo, SpellBound, and United Thaumaturgy), there are many more now: Fibbsbozza, Spell Shack, Frotz Users' Group, Infocom Inc., International Business Magic, Smoothscroll Draughtsmen, Magicland, Spells R Us, Conjurer's Corner, SoftSpel, Borphee Infotaters Inc.

    • Coming shake down of potion manufacturers.
  • Advertisements:
    • United Thaumaturgy advertises new gaspar spell (provide for your own resurrection).
    • GUE Tech's Learn-at-Home course-- learn magic in just 12 weeks!
    • Orkan of Thriff endorses Chevaux spell books.

      * According to an editorial letter, Orkan is also selling wand racks.

    • (Also, vilstu potion advertised on matchbook covers.)

    * The original Sorcerer documentation also had an ad for this year's ENCHANTING CMLXIII EXPO. 963? Oops! The erroneous ad was removed in the later gray box packaging.

Sorcerer magazine

Evil Magician Radnor plots to obtain the Amulet of Egreth, powerful artifact of his former master, Thorman the Red-beard. He casts spells weakening Thorman and causing his daughter and son-in-law to die. As his last act, Thorman throws the amulet out a window and casts a spell to convey it to his granddaughter.

* This happens when Lia is five years old. This seems to be at least 10 years before the following events.

ZorkQuest I

A caravan heads south from the northlands. Gurthark the Stout is driving a load of silk coverlets to his brother-in-law Mirik the Lean. He's accompanied by Ryker, a scout, and Acia, a golddigger on her way to the bedside of her ailing grandmother. They are joined by Frobwit the Fair, a magician heading to the CES at Accardi-by-the-Sea with his apprentice Dirin.

ZorkQuest I

The Amulet of Egreth is stolen (by several parties) and briefly falls into Radnor's hands. At the conclusion of a battle, Thorman's granddaughter Lia regains the amulet and inherits Thorman's power. Frobwit traps Radnor's essence in a crystal ball, which Gurthark unwittingly picks up as treasure.

ZorkQuest I

The spirit of Thorman returns Egreth to its former glory, and reveals Dirin to be Dirinthrax, heir to Duncanthrax and the new Mage of Egreth. Lia and Dirinthrax take the throne as the new rulers of Egreth.

* Assume this all takes place after Sorcerer, since Egreth was still a ruin then.

ZorkQuest I

Fledgling magicians Moog and Slye steal an ancient Zizbit spell book from Althea, Acia's grandmother, from which they learn how to form the Triax.

ZorkQuest II

Gumboz the Magnificent gives an elfin sword to Frobwit the Fair.

ZorkQuest II

Bragging to Althea at CES, Frobwit the Fair accidentally casts the spell releasing Radnor's essence from the crystal ball, allowing him to exchange his essence with Ryker's.

ZorkQuest II

Radnor joins Moog and Slye to complete the Triax. The rivers and sea turn to blood.

ZorkQuest II
24 Ora Frobozz Magic Support log book:

Malyon spell backfired; burin accidentally animated. Oops. Zuzvuz.

* Year unspecified; apparently between Sorcerer and Spellbreaker.

Frobozz Magic Support (unofficial)
27 Ora Frobozz Magic Support log book:

Adventurer eaten by stray grues. Resurrected with gaspar. Zuzvuz.

Frobozz Magic Support (unofficial)
32 Ora Frobozz Magic Support log book:

Trolls ravaging village. Applied two-handed axe; resolved. Felenar.

Frobozz Magic Support (unofficial)
6 Mag Frobozz Magic Support log book:

Some trouble communicating with cyclops. See legend 2001. Zuzvuz.

Frobozz Magic Support (unofficial)
13 Mag Frobozz Magic Support log book:

Adventurer llepsed gaspar. Summoned Implementors. Zuzvuz.

Frobozz Magic Support (unofficial)
17 Mag Frobozz Magic Support log book:

Implementors de-implemented Zuzvuz. Attempted blorple to Old Quendor. Felenar.

Frobozz Magic Support (unofficial)
20 Mag Frobozz Magic Support log book:

Felenar and Zuzvuz missing. Sent replacement job application to GUE Tech. Sorkin.

Frobozz Magic Support (unofficial)
23 Mag Frobozz Magic Support log book:

GUE Tech gated to Old Quendor. Llepsed golmac might work. Sorkin.

Frobozz Magic Support (unofficial)
29 Mag Frobozz Magic Support log book:

Two words: why me? New support clerk arrives tomorrow. Must train before (after) breaking Sorkin's time loop. Assuming counterspell exists, if not ... Helistar.

Frobozz Magic Support (unofficial)
30 Mag Frobozz Magic Support clerk breaks time loop. Frobozz Magic Support (unofficial)
960 Barsap's Guild membership revoked for dues evasion. Spellbreaker card
961-962 The old and crusty sailor retires.

* Beyond Zork: Been retired, ah, goin' on five years.

Beyond Zork
962 Barsap turned into a newt. [See apologia at 972.] apologia (unofficial)

Sculpture garden built as a shrine to the six Ancient Muses of the Arts: Eoj, Mit, Cire, Mik, Selrach, and Xela.

* Files say it was built around 966. Clearly it was built before the Great Change.

Return to Zork
966 months before 14 Aug Belboz the Necromancer leaves for Enchanters' Retreat. Spellbreaker

GUE Tech turn the Mithican Institute of Technology Enchanteers to take first place in the Moss League, winning the Thaumaturgic Decathlon for the third year in row.

* Assume announcement on bulletin board was still news when the school closed in Augur 966.


Mir Yannick expelled from GUE Tech for his inability to master magic.

* Assume Dean's List on bulletin board was still current when the school closed in Augur 966.

23 Jel Orkan of Thriff's diary:

Hot again. Retorts and alembics spoiling! Hate this northern clime

* Orkan writes July and August, which I've changed to Jelly and Augur.

Beyond Zork
26 Jel Orkan of Thriff's diary:

Gated Thriff to Miznia, via Atrii. Relief at last! Villagers perplexed but grateful.

Beyond Zork
2 Aug Orkan of Thriff's diary:

Mtn not dormant after all. Yonked a girgol just in nick of time.

Beyond Zork
9 Aug Orkan of Thriff's diary:

Wilderness life stinks. Racoon nest in chimney; guncho took flue and all! Broke last burin warding off Xmas pests. Better off up north?

Beyond Zork
13 Aug Orkan of Thriff's diary:

Borphee tomorrow. Y'Gael must be wrong.

Beyond Zork
14 Aug Guildmasters from various guilds meet to discuss the failure of magic. Shadow cleeshes the guildmasters. Spellbreaker, Beyond Zork
No one thought to invite dull, unimaginative Frobar to the big Guild meeting. SpiritWrak (unofficial)
Aug An ur-grue steals Coconut of Quendor from Implementors. Beyond Zork
Crocodile's Tear stolen from Y'Syska's hiding place in the Miznia Jungle. Beyond Zork
Cardinal Toolbox prays for the legendary Savior to deliver Thriff from the marching Christmas tree monsters. Volcanic eruption resumes. Beyond Zork

Queen Alexis envies Morning-Star's beauty.

* Beyond Zork: In the prologue, Y'Gael holds a stone that glows with a violet aura. However, it must be just a frotzed rock or some other magic stone (or possibly Wishbringer visiting from the future), since Morning-Star is still alive and well according to the magic mirror.

Beyond Zork
King Anatinus decrees that Morning-Star's suitors fulfill a Love-Quest of Queen Alexis's choosing. Alexis sends the suitors on hopeless missions.
  • The 1st knight begs Lord Nimbus to bring rain to the Fields of Frotzen, and is smitten by lightning.
  • The 2d knight scales the Matter-Horn for advice from the spirits, and falls.
  • The 3d knight flies with the Wings of Icarus into the maw of Thermofax, a dragon.
  • The 4th knight descends into the Mines of Mendon to slay a grue, and is devoured.
  • The 5th knight tries to steal the Cocoa-Nut of Quendor, and chances upon a lair of hungry Implementors.
  • The 6th knight spent an evening in an unclean cemetery, and was carried away by eldritch vapors.
Wishbringer library book
The old sailor, Y'Gael, Cardinal Toolbox, Grote Clutchcake, and a heroic ex-peasant sail off into the sky with the Coconut of Quendor. Beyond Zork
The Great Change. Shadow nearly remakes the universe in own image with the Cubes of Foundation, but timely intervention brings about the destruction of the Shadow and all of Magic.

* Though a supreme act of denial on the part of Activision will soon bring it back. :-)

Faced with the end of magic, the second Dungeon Master plays a final practical joke. He selects Dalboz of Gurth, a promising GUE Tech student, as his successor. Moments later, the university closes because magic has just disappeared. Psych! ZGI chronologue
Age of Science
967 The ship carrying the Coconut of Quendor is last seen in the region near the dreaded Dragon Archipelago. ZGI chronologue
> 966 Belboz: The Myths of Quendor

* Rebecca Snoot mentions reading about the sculpture garden in this book.

Return to Zork
The former Guildmaster of the Accardi Circle of Enchanters now works at the new Borphee Laboratories doing Wheatstone bridge experiments. Balances (unofficial)
972 Lord Syovar II succeeds Syovar the Strong. ZGI chronologue

* According to his trading card in Spellbreaker, Barsap is turned into a newt in 972. Obviously an error, since Spellbreaker takes place in 966, and Magic was destroyed.

Apologia: 972 is just a typo for 962.

Spellbreaker card
< 976 Brother Palemon of the Order of Balance disappears inexplicably. SpiritWrak (unofficial)
976 Great Underground Subway (GUS) opens, connecting Frostham, Aragain, Fublio Valley, Anthar, New Borphee, Gurth City, and Miznia. SpiritWrak (unofficial)
GUE Tech scientists analyze a mysterious artifact, a mechanical gate to the Ethereal Plane of Atrii. A student lab assistant named Peabody disappears while studying it. He is later mysteriously found dead in a subway tunnel. SpiritWrak (unofficial)
Lost Leonardo Flathead painting Ascendency discovered, put on exhibition in Royal Museum in Aragain. SpiritWrak (unofficial)
Brother Joseph of the Order of Balance accidentally frees the demon Anabais. Joseph sends the last remaining monk to retrieve the pieces of the shattered Rod of the Ancients. SpiritWrak (unofficial)
Magistrate of Aragain City claims young Sydney Flathead is the lost heir to the Empire. A visiting priest reveals him to be a fraud, solving a kidnapping at the same time. SpiritWrak (unofficial)
Morgan the Ranger ends the Kobold War in South Egreth. SpiritWrak (unofficial)
At Flathead Stadium, an unknown golem wrestler breaks the golem brothers' 322-0 winning streak. The arrogant winner is later witnessed destroying the statue of Babe Flathead outside the stadium. SpiritWrak (unofficial)
Frobar, formerly of the Accardi Guild of Enchanters, has moved across the Great Sea to Mizniaport. His great nephew, Wilbur Lunchbox, goes to GUE Tech and skips all his classes.

* Frobar has given up minimalism in furnishings, and now owns a swank house in Mizniaport. He also frequents a bar in Greater Anthar where he is teased about what a dull fellow he is.

SpiritWrak (unofficial)
981 Great Underground Adventure III, a movie based on the white house incident of 948, is released. Antharia Jack makes a comeback. Audiences wonder why he has not aged since his Z-Team days in 913.

* There was no Great Underground Adventure I or II.

* Unlike the Zork trilogy, the movie features time tunnels, probably because they're more dramatic than fiddling with a Frobozz Magic Temporizer.

ZGI chronologue
985 Inn of Isenough built. Return to Zork
997 Lord Syovar III succeeds Lord Syovar II. ZGI chronologue
1000 Unable to handle four-digit dates, the Bank of Zork folds and is acquired by Inquisition Enterprises. Mir Yannick is the principal investor. ZGI chronologue
1001 Great Underground Adventure IV hits the theaters. ZGI chronologue
Antharia Jack wins the Palm d'Grue at the Foozle Film Festival. He uses his small cash prize to buy back his bar in Port Foozle and fulfill his dream of becoming a Pawn Shop owner. ZGI chronologue
>> 966,
< 1050
A Scholar discovers Wishbringer in a tomb on Misty Island.

Many kingdoms after, when the reign of Anatinus was forgotten, and the names of Morning-Star and Alexis lost in Time, there came unto the Misty Isle a Scholar, who, amid the crumbling tombs of monarchs, chanced upon the mortal relic of the Princess.

The Legend of Wishbringer

* The Ruffini Encyclopedia Frobozzica places all the events of Wishbringer in the distant past, despite Queen Alexis's cameo in Beyond Zork. The confusion is understandable, since it seems like Y'Gael is holding Wishbringer in the prologue. (Besides, if it did take place in the distant past, Y'Gael would be younger than she is in Wishbringer.)

Wishbringer library book
The Evil One abducts Y'Gael's cat Chaos, ransoming her for the Magick Stone of Dreams.

* Evil One, you think too small! Demand the Coconut!

* Though Y'Gael calls the Evil One her sister, I like to think that the nameless Evil One is really Y'Gael's shadow, la Spellbreaker. Makes for an interesting perspective on Wishbringer, no?

The Evil One changes Festeron to Witchville. Wishbringer
Brave letter carrier saves Princess Tasmania (twice). Wishbringer
Brave letter carrier saves town of Festeron. Wishbringer
1033 Mir Yannick discovers the long lost Totemizer machine and rises to Junior Executive Maniacal Zealot. ZGI chronologue
Mir Yannick demonstrates the Totemizer's effectiveness on his supervisor and rises to Senior Executive Maniacal Zealot. ZGI chronologue
1034 The Dungeon Master researches methods of returning magic to Zork. ZGI chronologue
1037 Dalboz meets the Griff in the forests of Antharia, who agrees to help him search for time tunnels, in order to retrieve the items necessary to return magic to Quendor. ZGI chronologue
soon after Caught by the Inquisition Guard, the Griff is totemized and dumped in a well. ZGI chronologue
1043 A quarter-witted brogmoid, the Brog, accidentally breaks into Inquisition headquarters, activates the Totemizer, and crawls inside. Oops. ZGI chronologue
1046 Mir Yannick rises to Vice President of Unreasoning Zeal, the Grand Inquisitor's second in command. ZGI chronologue
In a private conference with Mir Yannick, the Grand Inquisitor accidentally bludgeons himself to death. ZGI chronologue
1047 Mir Yannick assumes the title of Grand Inquisitor, despite Syovar III's resistance. Syovar III begins efforts to end the Inquisition. ZGI chronologue
1048 Syovar III accidentally strangles himself, according to the only witness, the Grand Inquistor. The Grand Inquisitor becomes the leader of the Theocracy of Quendor. ZGI chronologue
The Grand Inquisitor becomes Chairman of FrobozzCo International, which he renames Frobozz Electric. ZGI chronologue

The Dungeon Master battles the Grand Inquisitor. Dalboz loses his life, while Mir Yannick loses only his hair.

* In 1067, a newsreel states that Dalboz has just been captured, and Yannick tells Antharia Jack that he has just killed Dalboz. Lies.

ZGI chronologue
Dalboz's spirit and Y'Gael's spirit share a walk-up in the Ethereal Planes of Atrii. ZGI chronologue
1052 Dalboz's spirit leaves the walk-up and possesses a rusty old lamp beneath a dock in Port Foozle. (Y'Gael wanted the extra room for an office.) ZGI chronologue
1058 Lucy Flathead, last of the Flatheads and thus rightful heir to the Empire, is caught defacing Inquisition propaganda and employing telepathic abilities. She is arrested and totemized. ZGI chronologue
< 1066 Frogo Stubs Gurble: Grues: Another Look Z:TUU
1066 All the Inquisition Guard's heroes are indisposed. Grubald the Bold and Kolchack the Night Stalker are busy. Linklaw the Lucky is convalescing. Frestham the Fortunate is dead. Matchlick the Mighty is lost in a good book. Z:TUU
The Grand Inquisitor sends a Private 7th Class of the Inquisition Guard at Port Foozle to explore a newly discovered corner of the GUE nearby. Z:TUU
Coincidentally, the GUE 1066 Grue Convention takes place at an underground convention center in a corner of the GUE near Port Foozle. Z:TUU
1067 34-35 Fro

A curfew is initiated in Port Foozle, center of the Inquistion.

* The Antharian Leap Week is now observed in the Frigid River Valley.

ZGI (newsreel)
The Grand Inquisitor completes Inquizivision, which he plans to broadcast from Flathead Mesa.
ZGI chronologue
To bring back magic, a Frobozz Electric PermaSuck salesperson quests for three enchanted treasures (with the disembodied Dungeon Master and the totemized forms of Lucy Flathead, the Brog, and the Griff). ZGI
Antharia Jack is framed for arson and arrested by the Inquisition. ZGI
Y'Gael's spirit gives the ageless, faceless, gender-neutral, culturally ambiguous adventurer person a spell book. ZGI
Beloved tourist attraction Flood Control Dam #3 is destroyed. ZGI
The Grand Inquistor falls from power. Lucy Flathead becomes Queen of the Empire. ZGI
Lucy Flathead names a former PermaSuck salesperson the fourth Dungeon Master.

* She seems to have an exaggerated opinion of her authority, though that may be understandable after living under the Grand Inquisitor's regime.

Second Age of Magic
1067-1647 Flood Control Dam #3 is rebuilt. ZGI, Return to Zork
< 1202 > 21 Mum Trembyle born.

* Witch Itah says Trembyle is a lot older than Canuk. Trembyle says my birthday is coming up soon, but he doesn't say what date.

Return to Zork
1202 Canuk born.

* Return to Zork: Witch Itah says Canuk must be about 425 years old by now. And the wizard? He's got to be a lot older than that!

Return to Zork
1246 Mage Canuk writes reusable yozozzo scroll (change a human into a mallard, or vice versa). Return to Zork
1247 Mage Canuk and Wizard Trembyle cast Long Life Spell. Return to Zork
Good wizards meet at the Inn of Isenough to plot the Great Diffusion. The evil wizards send a spy to eavesdrop, but they trick him by talking in code. The spy is led to believe that all the magic will be hidden behind a Wall of Illusion. Return to Zork

Evil wizards break last remaining Flying Disc of Frobozz into pieces and build a forge at the shrine to the Ancient Muses of the Arts.

* In Return to Zork, it is said that the evil wizards built the forge in response to the plans for the Great Diffusion, and disguised it as a shrine. However, it also says the moving sculpture was built in 966, hundreds of years before the Great Diffusion was planned.

Apologia: The moving sculptures were built in 966, then fashioned into a forge in 1247.

* Such a lot of trouble to go through, when they could have just stashed a krebf scroll somewhere.

Return to Zork
The Great Diffusion. Good wizards blow up all magical devices, including the Frobozz Magic Company and all its inventory.

This event caused the end of the Second Age of Magic, in 1247 GUE. All magic and magical devices, whether mechanical or enchanted, were dispersed into the atmosphere with the hope that evil magic would be vanquished forever. Most Wizards and Mages lost their powers in the process.

Return to Zork
Third Age of Magic
~1620s Feebo, a dwarven miner, finds a large chunk of illumynite. The chunk is mockingly referred to as Feebo's Folly.

* In Return to Zork, the Dwarven General speaks of great-uncle Feebo, so the discovery was two generations before 1647.

Return to Zork
Feebo dies in mining cart accident. Return to Zork
~1622 Rebecca Snoot, daughter of Obediah Snoot IV, born.

* Assume she receives her diploma at age ~18.

Return to Zork
1626 Molly Kettle inherits and redecorates Historic Inn of Isenough. Return to Zork
1635 14 Fro Molly Kettle and Moadikum Moodock wed in the lobby of the Historic Inn of Isenough. Return to Zork
14 Dis Canuk steals Feebo's Folly, replacing it with a fake.


FEEBO'S FOLLY commonly known as the Cluster is suspected to have been replaced with a fake cluster. The Holy Woman at Bel Naire Temple has expressed concern and asked for an inquiry. IT&L has been contracted to investigate.

E. Shanbar Times

Return to Zork
1635-1647 Canuk engineers Cliffs of Depression to mine translumynite, with which to build the Citadel of Zork. Return to Zork
< 1640 Ancient elvish sword becomes known as Dwarven Sword of Zork.

This legendary weapon was last known to be in the possession of Moadikum Moodock after being passed down from generations of simple peasants and adventurers. It is said to have been blessed in every generation by the Holy Women of Bel Naire.

When in good repair, this fabled sword glows blue in the presence of danger. Regardless of its condition, the sword is unbreakable. The Dwarven Miners now claim this sword as their own even though it was formally [sic] owned by elves.

Return to Zork
Moadikum Moodock gains possession of Dwarven Sword of Zork. Return to Zork
1640 21 Jam Rebecca Snoot graduates.

GRUES DAY JAM 21, 1640


Ms. Mavis Peepers stood at attention while her star pupil, Rebecca Snoot, received her diploma. Rebecca plans to continue her anthropological studies and write books. Her father Obediah Snoot IV, noted collector and farmer, looked on proudly.

W. Shanbar Times

Return to Zork
13 Aug Historic Inn of Isenough disappears.



A frantic Moadikum Moodock discovered that the historic Inn of Isenough has mysteriously disappeared and his wife along with it. We had just finished breakfast at the Inn and I walked across the street to open my shop. I turned to say something to Molly and the whole block was gone. Moadikum has moved in with his friend and partner Rooper. The Mayor vows recovery.

E. Shanbar Times

Return to Zork
6 Ott IT&L headquarters and Moodock's Armory disappear.



The headquarters of IT&L, Inc. and Moodock's Armory, both located in East Shanbar, are the most recent inexplicable disappearances. They follow on the heels of the disappearance of the Historic Inn of Isenough last month..........

E. Shanbar Times

Return to Zork
1642 15 Arc Boos Myller drives his truck into the river, again.

SAND DAY ARCH 15, 1642

Boos Myller of West Shanbar drove his pickup truck into the river for the tenth time. When questioned at the scene Myller replied, I was pressing on the brake but a bottle must've got wedged between the pedal and the floorboard. Upon hearing of Boos' latest accident the Mayor remarked, We've already revoked his license, now what we need to revoke are his keys.

W. Shanbar Times

Return to Zork
21 Mag E. Shanbar general store disappears.



I can't take it anymore, says Will Swindle, ex-proprietor of the General Store. But fate took a hand when, immediately upon tacking up his last notice, the building vanished. It's just as well, he shrugged philosophically, My clientele has been dwindling steadily.

E. Shanbar Times

Return to Zork
1643 1 Ora Angus Pugney wins cattle show.



W. Shanbar Times

Return to Zork
1645 18 Jel Mayor of E. Shanbar and the lighthouse keeper announce anti-vulture warning system.



The mayor announced at a press conference held on the steps of City Hall.....

W. Shanbar Times

Return to Zork
1646 Descendents of hellhounds finally domesticated. Return to Zork
1647 5 Arc IT&L's Valley of the Sparrows Resort sends letter sent from West Shanbar to sweepstakes winner at the white house. Return to Zork
Valley of the Sparrows renamed Valley of the Vultures.

* The Futurelithic Age, according to the gallery in Zork Nemesis.

Return to Zork
18 Mum Ben Fyshin writes letter of apology to Witch Itah.

Grues Day, Mumberbur 18, 1647 GUE.

Dear Itah,

I'm sorry about the disagreement we had. I miss you very much. I can't remember what our argument was about, but I'm sure you were right and I was wrong.

I'd like to take you sailing this weekend to make up. Please let me know as soon as possible. In person would be best.

Yours sincerely,


P.S. In case you are reading this letter and you are NOT Witch Itah, please refer to the Postal Code 115 in the Encyclopedia Frobozzica.

Return to Zork
> 21 Mum Second Great Diffusion. Sweepstakes winner defeats Morphius. Wizards suddenly destroy Evil Magic. Again.

* Since the player can sleep 3 times (and gets points for it), the end of the game is at least 3 days after the writing of Ben Fyshin's letter. The Mayor's NIGHTLIFE file is out of date, being for the month of Suspendur 1647 GUE. Trembyle says my birthday is coming up soon, but he doesn't say what date.

Return to Zork
Zork: The Return of Evil by Rebecca Snoot, companion to The Rise and Fall of Zork, edited by Mavis Peepers, will soon be available in neighborhood bookstores for 2 zm. Return to Zork
1648 Shanbar Library construction to begin. Return to Zork
Distant Future
~20,000 Ice age approaches. At Phee arch:

Ages of windblown dust lie hardened upon the frozen earth. The air is touched with an ominous arctic chill.

* No way of knowing how far each step of the Phee Hourglass takes you, but we can make educated guesses.

Beyond Zork
~1,000,000 Ice age. At Phee arch:

The last traces of the plaza are lost beneath an impenetrable layer of glacial ice.

* The Frobeolithic glacier epozz took at least a million years. Our Earth's ice age took about 2.5 million.

Beyond Zork
~2,500,000 Scientific age. At Phee arch:

Strange mechanisms of metal and glass zoom across a rugged landscape strewn with glacial boulders.

Beyond Zork
~15,000,000,000 After the Final Conflagration. At site of Pheebor:

Patient centuries have eroded much of the topsoil from the landscape. Loose, charred earth stretches away in every direction.

* Since the player must leave the arch here, assume the fallout has finally died away. That could take 14 billion years. Doesn't it make you want to cry? Peace on earth.

Beyond Zork