Currency of Quendor

These are the known types of currency in the land of Quendor.

Value Type Material Shape Description Source
1 zm coin copper round

On the front is a flatheaded man captioned BELWIT THE FLAT. Above the profile is the denomination ONE ZORKMID, and beneath is the year 699 G.U.E.. On the reverse is Castle Egreth. Above is the motto IN FROBS WE TRUST, and below is some fictional ancient script.

Zork Trilogy

The coin bears the likeness of Belwit the Flat, along with the inscriptions, "One Zorkmid," and "699 GUE." On the other side, the coin depicts Egreth Castle, and says "In Frobs We Trust" in several languages.

Zork Zero

Pile of thirteen zorkmids, all like the Zork Trilogy zorkmid.

Return to Zork

The coin pictures a man with an incredibly flat head, wearing a gaudy crown.

* Presumably Lord Dimwit Flathead the Excessive, whose excessively gaudy crown is a treasure in Zork II.

gold round

A gold coin with a fluted rim bearing the likeness of Idwit Oogle Flathead. To the left is the motto IN FROBS WE TRUST, the top right reads IDWIT OOGLE, and the lower right is dated 857 GUE.

* Since no denomination appears on this side, it is most likely on the reverse.

Zork Nemesis

Almost the same as the Zork Nemesis zorkmid, but thinner and with rougher edges. The motto is misprinted IN FROB WE TRUST and the year is misprinted 657 GUE.

* The year 657 GUE is an anachronism. The first zorkmid was minted in 699 GUE, centuries before Idwit Oogle's reign from 845-881 GUE.

5 zm coin round with square hole

The trunk, beside hiding an invisible dead elephant (what else could produce that smell?), holds a rare quint-Zorkmid coin.

This is a coin, similar in shape and size to an old Chinese coin, complete with a square hole in its center. Stamped on its face is "5 Zorkmids."

5 zm bill paper

* None appear, but change machine accepts 5 zm bills.

10 zm bill paper

* None appear, but change machine accepts 10 zm bills.

100 zm bill paper

Each bill is worth 100 zorkmids, and bears the legend "In Frobs We Trust".

* For some reason, the ZGI change machine does not accept 100 zm bills, though it does accept 5, 10, and 500 zm bills.

Zork II
500 zm coin gold

This is a gold 500 zorkmid piece.

500 zm bill paper
A green paper bill similar in layout to United States dollars. An unidentifiable portrait is in the center. The printing is illegible except for 500 in large numerals in the upper corners and in small numerals in the lower corners.
10 000 zm coin gold octagonal

On the floor is a priceless gold zorkmid (a valuable collector's item).

This is a beautiful octagonal coin bearing the legends "Ten Thousand Zorkmids" and "In Frobs We Trust".

Zork II
100 000 zm bill paper

The denomination of the bill is 100,000 zorkmids. Only one such bill was ever printed, and that was at the personal request of J. Pierpont Flathead.

Zork Zero